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Nexus Speed Networking Event

This Unique icebreaker will get the fun started!

Program Overview

Nexus Speed Networking Event Team Building Program Logo

Nexus is a high-energy speed networking event that’s sure to get people meeting, chatting and exchanging all sorts of unusual insights and facts about their own life, their company and other tailored information that you would like to know and share.

The networking event game begins when a locked device is produced, containing the key to who and where in the room their team will be, along with a novel ‘human treasure hunt’ to complete. Teams progressively unlock the giant puzzle, finding out who’s who and where their team is to win as individuals and as a team.

Relatively quick at 30-40 minutes long, our network activity icebreaker is a prime example of effectively accelerated networking, getting to know people through fun and interaction, while also involving teamwork and plenty laughs along the way.


Group Size

10 - 1,000

Time Needed

1 hour

Space Requirement

Flexible.  It can be done standing in a crowd, them getting out of existing meeting seating, in a bar, around cocktail tables / whatever really?

Ideal For
  • Explore Team Roles and Diversity
  • Improve Execution
  • Enhance Fun and Motivation
  • Improve Communication
  • Networking
  • Re-Enforce Conference Content

TeamBonding has a number of events and approaches that are designed to accelerate networking between people at meetings and off-sites whether staff, leaders or clients (or all three).​

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