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Discover the behavioral strengths and weaknesses of the individuals that you work with. Use Belbin Team Roles to help build high-performing teams, maximize working relationships, and to enable people to learn about themselves. Engage and develop the talent that is already around you.

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Great Teams, Great Leaders, Great Results.

Team and Leadership DNA are TeamBonding’s highly targeted and premium level team and leadership development programs.

Teams need the unique talents and experience of all their members. Every person performs some tasks quite naturally and effectively and will typically be not as adequate at other tasks. True teamwork only occurs when team members complement each other’s strengths. The Belbin® Team Roles profiling identifies the strengths that individuals contribute to a team, and encourages each person to use and develop their natural behaviors while managing their shortcomings or “allowable weaknesses.”

The 9 Belbin® Team Roles

A team role is defined as a way in which we prefer to interrelate with the team. We will usually have more than one as a preference. They are described in the Belbin team building questionnaire profile as preferred, manageable and least preferred. The nine Belbin team roles are; Plant, Monitor Evaluator, Coordinator, Implementer, Completer finisher, Resource Investigator, Shaper, Teamworker and Specialist.

The Belbin® Team Roles (Team Types) Questionnaire is widely used today to help increase the ultimate performance of teams. It is based on extensive research undertaken by Dr. Meredith Belbin. During this research, it became evident that teams comprising a balance of mixed team roles outperform teams without this balance.

How the team meeting game works:

STEP 1:  Participants complete profiles and observations pre-program. Participants complete their own online profile and can then invite numerous observers from the workplace to offer 360 style feedback to create a complete individual profile (with up to 8 insightful reports on their unique operating style).

STEP 2:  TeamBonding analyzes the profiles and compiles reports.  We analyze these profiles and can create detailed team combination reports for the total team and any nominated sub-teams or working relationships within the team. These are carefully interpreted in the context of the brief we have received from the client and their desired outcomes. Profile data will reveal to us the Team Role balances, and imbalances that may exist thus will influence the way we will frame and deliver the program to suit the team.

STEP 3:  Delivery of program, blending the presentations, workshops and team events we integrate relevant observations from the data into our presentation components, interactive sessions and team challenge activities so that meaningful transfer is made to the real world. TeamBonding delivers the appropriate program for participants to individually and collectively personalize and transfer insights to a pragmatic application. People see first-hand the impact of their behavior on others, and the impact that others have on them with the aim of making the team operate even better at work. “Teams and organizations tend to succeed or fail one relationship at a time!”

STEP 4:  Targeted follow through back at work post program strategies can be discussed and agreed upon for post-program milestones for follow through reviews and appropriate revisiting (either self-driven or externally facilitated).

Using an Accredited Belbin® Team Facilitator

belbin certifiedUsing a certified Belbin® team roles facilitator ensures you are using the very latest tools and methodology, relating to team dynamics and have a Belbin® trained specialist looking after your team development. We are also able to use e-interplace which is a sophisticated online system that goes much further than a single profile and allows us to run a broad range of reports looking at the makeup of your team and help you make important choices when it comes to choosing team members. It is also a 360 version which allows you to get feedback, from managers, peers, and subordinates. With so much evidence that businesses perform better when their key players focus on their strengths and outsource their weaknesses, Belbin® Team Roles confirms and explains this perfectly.  At TeamBonding, we have many accredited Belbin facilitators, who run Belbin® team building events, for companies across the US and Canada. During these half-day or full-day workshops, participants complete the Belbin Questionnaire. Each of the nine Belbin® Team Roles (Types) are then explained in an interactive and fun way, to help improve team performance.

Event Details

Group Size

5 - 200

Time Needed

1/2 day - 1 day

Other Options

Ideal For


  • Build self –awareness, and understanding of others

    Enhance working relationships

  • Evidence-based insight into the impact of workplace behavior

  • Foundation to build better approaches for decision-making, conflict and daily execution

  • Better manage individual and collective strengths and weaknesses

  • Enhance workplace engagement and business performance

  • Understand and refine leadership and communication styles

  • Understand behavioral drivers for teams and leaders with the human brain in mind

  • Build, develop or align teams and develop leaders



We offer two different workshops, Leadership DNA and Team DNA and the workshops can be combined with many of our other team building activities such as Product Pipeline and the Chocolate Cooking Game.

Leadership DNA helps measure our impact, strengths, and weaknesses when working as a leader or manager. Intelligent and effective leadership is best underpinned with pragmatic knowledge of your operating style and those of others. Insight into how you and others will manifest such traits under pressure is of great use when leading or managing others or working in a leadership team. Adding such insight to the “leadership toolbox” enables strengths to be leveraged and weaknesses to be offset or developed.

Team DNA is made up of the unique behavioral clusters that all of us project when working with others. The way we contribute, interrelate and behave is based on a lifetime of unique experience, role learning, and personality that equips us with the mix of Team DNA that we use. Knowing our individual and collective Team DNA helps people and teams understand their strengths and weaknesses, make better decisions, avoid unnecessary friction and perform better

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