Star Games – Intergalactic Training Camp

Secure the next generation of Jedi by sending your team on a fun, intergalactic adventure training for Jedi Knights. Participants will have a blast completing our custom-themed challenges designed to require collaboration, strategy development, and teach the ways of the force.

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Will the Force be with you?

Stand against the dark side in Star Games. In this fast-paced engaging program, teams are transported to a galaxy far, far away as they train in the Jedi arts. This event begins with excitement as one of our professional facilitators disguised as a famous Star Wars character organizes your team into groups and leads them through training. After thorough instructions, each group will rotate through 5 activities that will challenge them both physically and mentally. In this themed Star Wars event, Jedi trainees will be tested on their basic sword skills, target practice, flying abilities, safety knowledge, and complete an obstacle course. (More details below.)

Collaboration and encouragement are necessary as teams devise a strategy and delegate roles in an effort to earn the best scores. At the end of the event, we will announce the winning Jedi Masters group and discuss what made them successful.

Will the Force be with you? Find out in Star Games!

Intergalactic Training Challenges

Light Saber Training – teams learn and practice basic sword skills from one of our trained stage fighters
Storm Trooper Target Practice – teams take aim and try to make as many shots on a moving target
Star Fighter Flight Simulation – teams create their own paper star fighters and then test their flying abilities
Escape the Death Star – teams must answer a series of themed trivia questions in order to get to safety
Jedi Training Obstacle Course – teams complete an intergalactic course designed to test their physical agility

Team size
  • 10-200
Time needed
  • 2 Hours
Space requirement

We need a large open space with 5 areas that are at least 20×20. Chairs for each participant are optional. Additionally, we need 5 rectangular tables set aside for event materials. For groups larger than 50 we need a microphone and connected sound system.

Ideal for
  • Celebrating your team and their other worldly skills
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity
  • Infusing fun and enthusiasm into any meeting
  • Friendly competition

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