Quickfire is a competitive, high-energy team building event played on iPads. This fun series of mental, physical, and creative challenges will reward teams who can collaborate most effectively. Strategy and communication are key, and the higher the risk the higher the reward. It’s sure to engage your entire group and leave them talking about the experience for years to come.

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The spirit of friendly competition can be a powerful force for good.

Quickfire is a high-tech game of mental, physical, and creative challenges.

Each team will receive an iPad and access to all the necessary challenge materials such as a deck of cards, hacky sacks, play dough, and sudoku. They must work together to score as many points as possible before the clock runs out. The pace of the action builds steadily, creating an extraordinary atmosphere of fun, laughter, and urgency. 

Teams can select from the dozens of available challenges. Each has a cost to attempt, along with a reward for successful completion. Individuals reveal their own strengths by selecting the challenges they are most confident they can complete. Players with similar strengths can band together to complete some challenges, but others require broader participation and more specialized roles like leadership, strategy, and effective communication.

This entertaining team building activity is bound to energize your group and make a lasting impact.

Themed Quickfire Experiences

Challenge and motivate your team with an invigorating, themed experience.

Quickfire Olympics

Quickfire Olympics

Get ready to embark on an exciting Olympic adventure that’s packed with rapid-fire challenges and guaranteed laughter. Quickfire Olympics enhances team spirit with a dynamic fusion of brainy puzzles, entertaining photo quests, and strategic challenges, all against the clock. Uncover hidden talents, strengthen bonds, and claim victory in this unforgettable team building experience!

Quickfire Halloween

Quickfire Halloween is an app-based team building extravaganza designed to get everybody in the Halloween mood and share their creativity. To spice things up, this game can be paused for on-stage challenges to boost the energy and award bonus points. These challenges include Halloween history trivia, active pumpkin activities, creative dress-ups, spooky makeup false perspectives, campfire tales, and dancing!


Quickfire Holiday

Quickfire holiday is a festive, fun-filled tablet-driven team challenge that encourages spontaneous interaction. All challenges have differing costs of entry and levels of complexity. Teams manage resources and direct talent to challenges they can complete while balancing risk with potential reward. As time ticks the holiday spirit really begins to build and participants find themselves totally immersed in a competitive yet supportive atmosphere.

Team size
  • 12 – 1200
Time needed
  • 1 - 2 hours
Space requirement

This event can be produced just about anywhere, indoors or out. You’ll need a table for each team, plus an additional long table to hold the challenge materials. A projector/screen with audio allows for even more excitement by adding a countdown clock, live scoreboard and theme music.

Ideal for
  • Exploring excellence
  • Fun competition
  • Exercising team dynamics
  • Boosting morale

Quickfire is extremely flexible – we’re happy to tailor the challenges based on your team, company culture, and event location. Additionally, we can present a slideshow of photos and videos taken during the event as we announce the winning team.

*Ask about our Halloween-themed or Holiday Quickfire team-building event. Details below.

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