The Great Appetizer Challenge

This culinary team building program is the perfect choice for a casual ‘let down your hair’ atmosphere, allowing people to relax and socialize while sampling many mouth-watering appetizers prepared using local, seasonal fresh ingredients. These may be either hot or cold, or a combination of both.

appetizer challenge

RFS_RGB_SM-01If you are looking for a culinary team building event that is similar to our other great culinary programs, but a bit shorter in duration, you’ll love The Great Appetizer Challenge. Your group will tour the world by preparing hors d’oeuvres from every corner of the globe.

As with all our Recipe For Success culinary team building events, there will be many challenges to meet along the way that will require a high level of communication and collaboration to be successful. Through the use of food preparation, your team will realize their high potential and understand themselves better collectively as a team.

Once completed, all of the tempting creations will be showcased on a grand buffet for all participants to share and enjoy. , the judges will select a champion based on taste, presentation, team work, and leadership.

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Group size

15 - 300

Time needed

2 – 3 hours including debrief

Space requirements

This event calls for 30 sq ft of space per participants. Our approach allows us to come to your favorite hotel, conference center, winery or auditorium, allowing for easy planning.

“We had a wonderful time! Facing a set of challenges that were very different than what we do 50-60 hours a week, we all learned different and surprising things about each other and I think everyone appreciated the new perspectives we now have on our colleagues.”

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