Tabletop FASTCAR

Based on the beloved Pinewood Derby some may remember from childhood, this fun activity features a car race down a gravity track, complete with laser-precise finish line. Teams work together to build their best LEGO racers.

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Build it. Weigh it. Tweak it. Race it.

Yes, FASTCAR races are loads of fun. But this fast-paced event also makes an incredible team-building exercise. The whole program is built around the idea of continuous improvement – you get to race a car, then tweak your design and race again. There are always plenty of opportunities for creative collaboration along the way, which is one of the fundamentals of effective team building. 

We supply everything you’ll need for race day: LEGO-based car kits, a four-lane racetrack, plus all the fanfare and regalia of a professional race. Our hilarious track announcer/MC brings the action to life by narrating each race, backed with exciting music to keep the energy and excitement high.  

Teams work together to design and build their mean machines. They begin by “purchasing” the basic car kits to customize. Kits include LEGO pieces and weights. A series of trivia challenges give teams the chance to earn points which translate into extra weights and all-important duct tape. Each group also gets to design their own NASCAR-style banner. These banners can reflect your organization, industry or conference theme. 

Of course, the real highlight of the day’s activities is the actual racing. Heats fold teams into three finals, so even losing cars still have a chance at glory. The suspense builds as cars fly down the track in a series of heats, semi-finals and a final championship. The whole thing wraps up with an over-the-top awards ceremony. But this truly is one of those experiences where everyone comes out a winner.

Team size
  • 50 – 250
Time needed
  • 2 to 3 hours
Space requirement

The center of a room, function or break-out.

Ideal for
  • Sales events
  • Annual meetings
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Friendly competition
  • Encouraging collaboration

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