Tabletop FASTCAR

Ladies and Gentlemen... Start Your Engines!

Based on the Scouts’ Pinewood Derby, this program features a car race down a gravity track with a laser computer-aided finish line. Teams will work together creatively to build a car out of LEGOs and design a unique “NASCAR” banner. Get ready to race!

The Tabletop FASTCAR program may remind you of the famous Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  TeamBonding provides build-your-own-car kits, plus a four lane racetrack with all the fanfare and regalia of a professional racing event. Cars will race down a gravity track with a laser computer-aided finish line.

First, teams participate in challenges that earn them ‘tokens’ to spend at the auto parts store. They purchase the basic car kit, including weights and legos. Together, they must design a car shape, customize it and then paint it!

The real highlight of the day’s activities is the actual racing. Heats fold teams into three finals, so even losing cars have a chance at glory. The suspense builds as cars screech down the track in a series of heats, semi-finals and the final championship.

Action throughout is narrated by our track announcer, backed with exciting music. Once the final victory is claimed, trophies are handed out at a hilarious awards ceremony. In the end, everyone is a winner. For team building at its best – ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Group size

50 – 250

Time needed

2 to 3 hours

Space requirements

The center of a room, function or break-out.

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