Escape The Maze

This event is perfect for groups looking for a high energy team building experience that combines the fun of a scavenger hunt with the strategy of an escape game. Participants make their way through a number of game sectors and virtual checkpoints, each one deviously designed to test team dynamics and challenge their ability to communicate effectively on the run. In the end, all of the teams will need to work together to save themselves and Escape the Maze!

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Event Overview

A fast paced and highly interactive adventure through a virtual world

Give your team an experience to remember with Escape the Maze, a competitive team building exercise where accountability, communication and time management are key. Problem-solving is just the start – each team will need to work closely together, making decisions under pressure that can highlight trust, leadership, and learning from experience. Armed with an Action Pack full of vital gadgets and gizmos, teams will navigate a real-world adventure using GPS maps to escape a virtual world that is mirrored on their tablets.

As teams race across your chosen venue or city towards GPS triggered checkpoints, further puzzles and hidden checkpoints are revealed that will help them Escape the Maze. The available resources and aids will actually influence how they progress, and every decision has a consequence. The answers and choices that teams make open secret alternative routes with short cuts for the astute and diversions for those not so lucky!

In the end, everyone will discover that they must work together to solve the final puzzles and Escape the Maze!

Event Details

Group Size


Time Needed

90 min. - 2.5 hrs

Space Requirement

Escape The Maze is customized to the location of your choosing, whether indoor or outdoor.  Turn any city or venue can be turned into your own custom maze. This maze escape team building experience game does need a final ending location with a screen, projector and sound for the grand finale.

Ideal For

  • Fun & Motivation
  • Networking
  • Leadership Training
  • Inspiring Creativity
  • Improving Team Dynamics


Escape The Maze is customized to the location of your choosing, whether indoor or outdoor. Additionally, if you want more of a collaborative learning outcome versus a competitive experience, teams can approach the sectors at the same time and share their learning as they progress.

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