Escape the Blizzard

This unforgettable experience combines adventure, teamwork, and skill development. Whether you seek a unique team building activity or wish to test your survival abilities, this escape room challenge will leave you better equipped to face nature’s harshest conditions. Prepare to escape the blizzard and discover the strength of collaboration!  

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Survive the Storm. Master the Blizzard.

Face the unexpected in Escape the Blizzard! This immersive and engaging series of activities prepares teams to face the unexpected in the form of blizzards and severe weather conditions. Through a series of app-based challenges and face-to-face competitions, participants learn and practice essential survival skills while fostering collaboration, problem-solving, and skill development.

Blizzard survival: Where teamwork and skills determine your fate!

In this corporate adventure, participants begin at a team training center where they receive an introduction to surviving in extreme weather conditions. Teams are then divided into zones, where they face navigation, shelter, fire, and knots challenges and engage in trivia, photo, and video submissions. Through these survival skill-themed activities, teams aim to complete as many zones as possible so they can gain the knowledge they’ll need for the end of the event.

In the final challenge, a storm alert interrupts the training, announcing a severe blizzard approaching within 30 minutes. Teams must unlock a box of survival tools by utilizing their newly acquired skills. The grand finale includes target accuracy, first aid stretcher challenges, deciphering Morse code, and shelter building.

Will your team survive the blizzard?

Team size
  • 8 - unlimited
Time needed
  • 2 - 3 hours
Space requirement

A private indoor space is required for this event.

Ideal for
  • encourages collaboration
  • promotes agile thinking
  • improves survival skills
  • compels role delegation
  • boosts listening skills

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