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Mystery Cafe has been doing one-of-a-kind, team building murder mysteries for over 25 years for groups as small as 12 and as large as 500. Some shows are customized, (like the one in the photo) some are better for small audiences, others for large audiences, some are great team builders, solved in teams, others take you back in time. All of our shows include lots of audience participation, comedy, and music.

Group Size

20 – 500

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Space Requirement

A function room, a harbor cruise, a mansion, a dinner train, a private room within a restaurant or employee cafeteria.

Ideal For

  • Conferences
  • Office parties
  • Team reorganization
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You Provide The Space, We'll Do The Rest

We've done murder mystery dinners in a variety of locations: A function room, a harbor cruise, a mansion, a dinner train, a private room within a restaurant or employee cafeteria, wherever you want to eat, we can make a show happen there. Contact Us Now
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Everyone's A Part Of The Story

There is something about the Murder Mystery Dinners that everyone loves. The teamwork, the competitive element, the race to the top, the costumes and the excitement of participating in a mystery unfold is really fun. As a team building event, each table works as a team to collect clues, question suspects and solve the mystery, and all the while our performers are keeping them laughing and enjoying themselves

Get Inside The Action
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You've played the game, but are you ready to live it? This live action, highly interactive murder mystery has all the colorful suspects you know and love! Your team will set out gathering information about the crime so they can solve the mystery and win the game!

Detective Wadsworth is working to solve the murder that took place in Clue Manor last night. He needs your help finding the suspects and collecting information he needs to determine who the killer was. He needs to know which weapon they used and what room the crime took place in.

Each of the suspects – Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Prof. Plum and Mrs. White – are played by actors dressed up in costume who are scattered around your function space. Guests will be given cryptic clues about where to find the characters, and they will have to complete a different trivia challenge for each character they encounter. Along the way, they will interrogate the suspects to give them information and look for weapons to eliminate from suspicion.

At the end of the event, everyone meets back up with Detective Wadsworth and presents their evidence. The person who correctly solves the mystery is the winner, and they will win our Super Sleuth prize!

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This show is all about you! We’ll speak with you and learn all the specifics about your group—who the guest are, which people may want to be more “involved” in the show, and what your group is celebrating—and use the information to turn this into a one of a kind experience for your party!

Four of the most outlandish and interesting characters you’ve ever seen will come to life in this show that is entertaining, funny and exciting. Motives will appear, you'll discover clues, and a murder will occur!

Who committed this terrible crime? Everyone will get to question the suspects directly and have a chance at solving the crime, all with the hilarious guidance of our comic detective along the way!

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Join this pair of bumbling bobbies as they work their way through a case. Their warmth and good-natured tom-foolery invite participants to let loose and have fun!

The show opens with our Partners in Crime describe the murder of former University Professor, City Councilman, and coffee lover Charlie Assingware who recently expired at Jack Coffee’s Coffee Shack. They come to a series of questionable conclusions while introducing the five suspects played by members of the audience. The audience is divided into five teams, and one team member from each table plays a character. During the ensuing intermission, each team composes a set of four questions for a suspect from another team.

We return to the courtroom with a Judge and his Court Officer. Each suspect will be sworn in, and must answer four yes-or-no questions posed by a rival team. The results are put on record. During the following intermission, teams are encouraged to create a solution to the mystery. There is no right answer! This is an exercise in creativity and, along with using the evidence recorded the courtroom, teams are encouraged to incorporate details from their work environment into the solutions.

The finale will reveal all the solutions! As a result of creating their solutions based on the evidence from the court room, these solutions often contain striking similarities, reveal shared experiences from work, and serve to strengthen relationships and camaraderie within your group.

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Plunder-Rifflin, the specialty office paper company led by Scott Michaels, is preparing to launch a new line of top-secret, paper-cut free products that he hopes will end this common source of workplace suffering. But just as this novel product is about to be released, rumors of a leak to a competing company threaten to ruin everything.

Who in the office could have committed this corporate caper? Was it office manager Diane Schrute, who feels the opportunity for her long-awaited promotion has finally come? Or maybe it was slacker Jim Helper, as yet another hopeful attempt to spend more time with the lovely receptionist Pam Measly? It could have even been you!

You can become a part of the Plunder-Rifflin team in this hilarious, interactive comedy which will keep you talking at the water cooler for years to come. Paper cuts may be bad, but they rarely lead to murder. All that’s about to change…

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After over 30 years of running murder mystery dinners, both public and private, we've perfected the interactive experience.

TeamBonding’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party is an entertaining team building activity that can be tailored to your team. They are interactive shows designed to be performed at the location of your choice, during a meal. Unlike stage theater, the actors perform around your dinner table and in-between the courses of your meal.

The Inside Scoop

Based on the information that you provide about your group and your guests; personalized information is interwoven into the plot structure of the murder mystery dinner game you select. Our experience shows that the more “inside scoop” we have on you and your guests, the better the event.

We put you into the show, so you can get more out of it.

Let's Chat

Professional Actor/Facilitators

We work with professional actors who have been trained as team building facilitators. This means you're getting both a quality performance and the full TeamBonding experience, all in one! We work with local actors and facilitators to make sure you get the best show possible, no matter where you are.

It's more than just dinner and a show, it's a team building experience.

What Kind Of Mystery Are You Looking For?

From a murder in the office to an interactive game of CLUE in a real mansion, we've got a team building murder mystery experience to meet your needs. We have a wide range of mysteries from customized plots that are developed specifically for your group and event, to shows that can be performed anywhere for anyone.

Ready To Start The Show?

Chat with one of our account managers to pick the perfect mystery dinner theme for your group! You’ll have an unforgettable experience, guaranteed.

Contact Us Now!

Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs.

Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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