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We’re betting everyone on the planet has seen at least a couple of episodes of The Price is Right by now. Its universal appeal makes it the perfect jumping-off point for a high-energy competitive team building extravaganza.

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Why this event?

The Price is Right is easily one of the most beloved TV game shows of all time. Our legendary event facilitators never pass up the chance to play the role of game show hosts themselves –especially when it’s helping to build stronger teams. 

The resulting adaptation is super fun, deeply engaging and wildly popular. Beyond having an engaging host, this production includes a realistic game show set, complete with lights, buzzer sounds and a working scoreboard. It’s a perfect way to break free of typical workplace constraints while emphasizing communication, cooperation and strategic delegation.

Five contestants are randomly chosen to compete on customized topics like trivia, product knowledge and pricing. Winners advance to ever more challenging levels of play, receiving help from teammates along the way. More contestants are rotated in for up to 12 challenges total. 

We keep things fresh with a range of pricing challenges:

  • Cliffhangers
  • It’s in The Bag
  • Shell Game
  • Hole In One
  • Cover Up
  • Check Out
Team size
  • 20 - 400+
Time needed
  • 1-2 Hours
Space requirement

A minimum 15×15 area in front of the room for challenges is needed for participants to come “on stage”. Depending upon group size, a stage or risers may be best for viewing. Participants can be at tables, audience-style seating, or even high cocktail rounds.

Ideal for
  • Sales meetings/conferences 
  • Dinners/holiday parties
  • Company transitions
  • Conference/meeting breaks
  • Kicking off or concluding a big project

We’re happy to work with you to generate company-specific questions and products for use as game content. These can range from very work-centric (sales goals, new software quizzes, etc.) to more lighthearted topics. Weaving in some general-knowledge trivia works well to round out the game, and can be used to give your program a more global flavor.

Other team building game shows:

Looking for more events in this popular genre? Check out Survey Says, In It To Win It and Wild Card Bingo.

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