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Corporate Quiz Bowl

Team Building Trivia Game

Program Overview

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Corporate Quiz Bowl is a rousing team-building contest that can be played almost anywhere.  Better than a traditional pub quiz night, this battle of wits and nerve brings forth the various talents of every member of your team.

For this hour-and-a-half game, your TeamBonding host will engage and encourage the teams between rounds and between questions, keeping the event fast-paced and laugh-filled. Corporate Quiz Bowl is a competitive team building trivia game show in which teams compete to answer questions from all general areas of knowledge including history, science, literature, arts, sports, current events, pop culture, and more!

Each team will have their own tablet that will serve as their buzzer so everyone can participate at the same time! Question types include: the first letter, multiple choice, and numeric answers, and some trivia questions will include photos and audio to add to the fun. There is even a buzz-in round where each team gives their answer verbally instead of through the app! Teams will earn points for correct answers as well as bonuses for being first to ring in.

A Corporate Quiz Bowl is a great option for breaks in off-site meetings, conference center retreats, trips to the local pub, even in-office celebrations. If you’re looking for a high energy competitive team activity, look no further!


Group Size


Time Needed

1-2 hours

Space Requirement

We need a 10’x10’ foot area to set up in and 2 six foot tables for materials. The audience should be facing the game show stage, arranged at rounds or classroom style tables.

Ideal For
  • Energizing sales meetings/conferences
  • Mix up some new skills and relationships
  • Award ceremonies/celebrations
  • Icebreaker for new teams

We are happy to work with you to come up with company-centric questions for game content. These can be work-oriented (e.g. sales goals, new software quizzes, etc.).

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