Game of Drones

In this highly interactive team-building game, small groups maneuver real drones through a series of obstacle challenges. We designed this experience to emphasize problem-solving, healthy teamwork, and purposeful risk-taking.

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Game of Drones is a wonderful way to break people out of their normal roles and routines. The fun factor is high, and it’s a genuine thrill to operate these high-flying marvels of technology in a spirit of fun, friendly competition. Every participant gets the chance to become a drone pilot. 

Working in small teams, your group begins by interpreting a series of illustrated obstacle cards. Some are more complex than others, but all require planning and strategy. Who goes where, and when? What roles will each team member take on? There will be time to practice before the real competition heats up.

The surest way for a team to win? Make sure they’re putting each member’s strengths to the best use. Efficient collaboration is key, although blind luck can also be a deciding factor. However they get there, being first to the finish line means plenty of bragging rights. It can also mean prizes – that part is up to you, but we’ll be happy to guide you on what works best for maximum positive impact.

Team size
  • 8-300
Time needed
  • 1.5 - 2 Hours
Space requirement

This team building activity works well indoors. It’s designed to allow all participants to safely observe social distancing guidelines. We provide all drones and necessary accessories.

Ideal for
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Effective communication
  • Agile planning
  • Leadership skills
  • High-flying fun

TeamBonding is all about customization. Would you like specific elements of company branding, culture theme and/or mission statement woven into your team building program? Just tell us what you have in mind. We’re also happy to work with you to focus the overall takeaway from this experience on whatever points you wish to prioritize.

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