DiSC™ Training

Our #1 requested team building and leadership training program. Understand the strengths and challenges of you and those you work with.

DiSC™ Training will give you the skills you need to take back to the workplace for a tighter knit team that communicates and motivates!

DiSC™ Training

DiSC™ Training is an experiential program.  You won’t be sitting through a boring lecture!  This day is packed with learning and fun.  Each participant will have completed an online personality style survey which will generate your primary personality style(s).  During the training, you will receive your packet of information based on your classic style.  Then the fun begins!  We will group you with members of your own style and have you do an exercise which will illuminate your strengths, challenges and what motivates you!  This exercise is engaging to say the least.

By the end of the day you will have gained some very useful skills to bring back to the workplace. You’ll understand how you respond to others’ styles and how to have more productive interactions with all personality types. You will be able to communicate more effectively and motive team members. This training will allow you to capitalize on the diverse strengths of your team. These are a few of many skills you will gain after DiSC™ Training.

The design of this Team Building program is perfectly suited for quick, high-impact learning and positive change in the workplace. Once your team is on the same page with the powerful common language that the DiSC™ provides, you will be able to move forward with your goals more efficiently and communicate with more clarity and better results.

Group size

15 - 40+

Time needed

1/2 day - 2 day program

Space requirements

We will need a place for everyone to sit and tables to write on and also open space to move around and do the group exercises.  We can also do some of the group exercises outside if space and weather permit.

“Our facilitator was highly engaged, providing positive and productive structure to the day. His excellent feedback and insight was valuable to all team members. Thru the DISC analysis, we ended the day with a better understanding of one another’s qualities and how to best leverage our individual strengths for the benefit of our overall team performance.”

Hermes P.M., Hermes

“My expectations were definitely exceeded!!!!  The program is a fantastic fit for our needs right now in terms of appreciating team members / understanding them BUT I am so impressed with how smoothly the training went.  We accomplished a great deal in 3 hours.  Additionally, the team was engaged and interested the entire time.  Really it was fantastic.”

mediastorm-logo-tricolor.large_ C.A. – Media Storm, LLC

“The training was really good. It was very interesting to see where the co-workers fell on the DiSC scale – Steve was great and very knowledgeable on the subject.”

department of homeland security S.M. – Department of Homeland Security

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