Change Management

In our Change Management training program, learn how to communicate most effectively about change, prepare for the unexpected and keep cool under pressure in rapidly changing environments.


Change is inevitable. In a challenging global environment, companies and teams need to evolve or die. The Change Management program gives you the ingredients for a successful change initiative and lets you navigate the tricky emotional waters when change happens, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or not. Help your people view change as a blessing instead of a curse by exploring practical tools and techniques to inspire them to become change agents.

TeamBonding’s Change Management program encourages your team to collaborate when driving change and sets the stage for partnering on all levels to both take ownership of the change and unleash the collective wisdom and energy of your people.

Through change management training you will:

  • Learn why some change initiatives fail while others are successful
  • Discover how to create a sense of urgency that energizes people
  • Find out how to empower your people to take ownership and be change agents
  • Discern what you have power to change and what you don’t
  • Uncover ways to help people with the emotional side of change
  • Learn what kind of communication is key to successfully navigating change
  • Develop a change action plan that leaves room for unexpected change


Group size

15 – 150

Time needed

Typical sessions vary from half-day, one-day or two day

Space requirements

Tables and chairs for each participant. Room for the Trainer to navigate the room comfortably during the event.

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