Culinary Team Building Programs That will Knock You Off Your Feet

You may have already known this, but at TeamBonding, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Not only do we want you to be pleased with the current programs we have to offer to your team, but we’re always innovating and mashing up ideas to do more.

The over achievers we are, we offer a variety of programs – from philanthropic to outdoor scavengers, professional development and training to culinary – wait, what?

Did we really say culinary team building programs?

Why, YES we did. What’s so innovative about culinary team building programs? This is no cooking class. Our culinary programs will not only fill your bellies, but we incorporate team building that works into our growing roster of over 20 food based programs.

Since we customize our programs to each of our client’s needs, we take things to the next level by combining a program or two that complement one another well. For example, we’ve recently combined our Winery Team Challenge and Salsa Showdown team building programs for several clients over the summer season. Now that’s a lot of team building.

team building programs culinary salsa

With our Winery Team Challenge, participants are separated into groups – or wineries – where they are schooled on the history of sangria by a sommelier. They are then sent to a “marketplace” to select their weapons – or flavors – of choice. Similarly, participants of our Salsa Showdown will race against the clock to blend together a winning salsa recipe from scratch. After naming their culinary masterpieces and developing market strategies, teams present their sangria and salsa pairs to the judges.

culinary team bonding programs

When it comes to team building, it’s important to think outside of the box. Choose something that will knock your teammates off their feet.

Choose something they will remember. In addition to office achievements, give them something to talk about that will improve team morale and productivity. Bigger, bolder bonds accomplish far more than those formed in cubicles.

The next time you enjoy a sip of sangria and a bite of chips and salsa, I know you’ll be thinking of us! Thinking of hosting a combo-team building program like this one for the present fall season? Why not consider a Wicked Good Chowdah Cook-off and a Cocktail Team Mixer with Flair?

What culinary team building programs would you recommend?

Kristin Pagnani

Team Contributor


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