7 Winter Team Building Exercises Your Employees Will Love

When it comes to running a business, managing your employees can be one of your biggest challenges. As an owner/manager, you need to make sure you simultaneously taking care of your employees’ needs while demanding the best from them.

A large part of being a successful employer lies solely on your ability to lead. That’s why every manager and/or business owner should look into constructive team building activities.  However, don’t let the weather stop you, there are plenty of winter team building activities and events you can choose from.

Need some inspiration?

Keep reading for a quick look at some options to help bring you and your employee’s closer, more connected, and consequently, unstoppable.

1. It doesn’t have to be the HOLIDAYS to give back!

Whether you and your employees celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or “The Holidays” in general, everyone can get into the spirit of gift-giving and giving back.  Charities aren’t just around for the holidays, they need you all year round! You can hold a staff meeting and encourage everyone to come forward with their best ideas on who to give to and how to raise awareness for the cause.

For example, you can participate in a Toys for Tykes charity designed to provide toys for children in need at hospitals, boys and girls clubs, and orphanages.

In this event, your team works directly with the product, creating, building, and decorating the toys.

TeamBonding clients build and donate thousands of bikes, military care kits, teddy bears, cancer care kits, green machine, non-perishable food every week to organizations just like yours. We are affiliated with 200+ charities nationwide and work regularly with Boys and Girls Clubs, hospitals, schools, veteran’s organizations, and so many more. 

Alternatively, you have the entire staff walk around town caroling and collecting money for a charity of everyone’s choice.

2. “Minute to Win It” Challenges

For a more playful take on winter team building, you can host an event for your staff and possibly their family base on the popular Minute to Win It game show. In this game show, contestants are tasks with completing certain challenges in under 60 seconds.

You can easily host similar challenges in the office. Either with our In It To Win It Game Show, or challenges that can include individual and team tasks like:

  • Rubber Band Shooting Range – contestants shoot rubber bands at targets set up around the office.
  • Cookie Face – each contestant has to get a cookie from the top of their forehead into their mouth without using their hands.
  • Junk in the Trunk – a tissue box filled with ping pong balls is secured to contestants’ waists, they have to get as many out as possible using only body movement.
  • Paperclip Toss – contestants toss one paperclip at a time into a cup a certain distance away.

3. Group Meditation

Meditation with Mediatainment with TeamBonding and CatalystA more relaxing idea for winter team building could involve taking your team to a local meditation class. While meditation is often associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, it’s a large part of most religions, as well as being practiced for non-religious reasons. It’s a completely safe and non-offensive activity that hosts many scientific benefits.

These benefits of meditation include things like decreased stress and anxiety, help with addiction, enhanced self-awareness, and has even been shown to inspire more kindness within those who practice it.

4. A Team-Created Silent Auction

Another fantastic winter team-building activity and way to raise money could be a silent auction. However, to increase employee involvement, we recommend encouraging them to come up with a plan as a team.

They can decide where to host the event, who to invite (other local businesses, artists, etc.), and what kind of environment to create. It could be a black-tie event of an informal gathering. Your employees could also offer up personal possessions and/or services for the auction.

5. Cooking Class

Most people never understand how much they enjoy cooking until they get into it. Providing a cooking class for a winter team building event may be a great way to rally the troops and provide an informational and valuable experience.

However, it doesn’t have to stop there. You can also enlist your staff in a charity-based cooking class. In this scenario, you and your employees will attend a cooking class, eat what you’ve created, and then share the wealth with local soup kitchens, food drop-off services, and more.

What better way to spend time building a stronger team than centered around delicious food while simultaneously helping those in need?

6. Create an In-House Commercial

If you’ve been in business for any duration of time, you know that one of the most challenging aspects is bringing customers and clients in. Marketing can be a real thorn in the side of most business owners. It can take months or years to find the right marketing strategy.

However, it can also be a great winter team building activity to help bring your staff together and show their creative side. It may also highlight some valuable members in your group who could significantly contribute to your marketing efforts.

Split your staff up into teams or have them work together to create several marketing campaigns, commercials, and ads. You can be specific or as open as you’d like in your directions. Then, sit back and see what they come up with.

7. A Non-Contest-Based Talent Show

Finally, a good leader encourages creativity around the office and amongst his/her staff.

When an employee is free to be creative and free-thinking, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of what they’re capable of and where their talents lie.

A brilliant and light-hearted way to encourage staff creativity is by hosting a talent show for everyone in the office and their families. This should be a non-competition event where staff can show off musical talents, acting abilities, artwork, physical talents, etc.

While you can’t force everyone to participate, you should make it clear that it’s an opportunity for people to see a different side of their co-workers and it’s all about coming together.

Looking for Some Winter Team Building?

If you’re looking for some winter team building activities or events this season,  we can certainly help you and your team out! Check out our Ice Sculpting Program, Indoor Programs, or you can also see the Top 10 TeamBonding programs of 2019 

We specialize in team building events in numerous categories, especially charitable programs
Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your staff!

Amanda Deiratani

Team Contributor


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