Never Too Early | Holiday Party Planning 101

When it comes to hosting a party, planning ahead is the key to a successful event. How can you plan a holiday party that everybody will enjoy without stressing out over the details? We get lots of inquiries about this around the holidays – clients who want to do something fun, but at the same time step away from the typical, predictable holiday party and get started early. Let us take on the stressful parts (that’s what we’re here for!) and help you pull off an awesome event for your group.

Dear TeamBonding,

We want to do something different this year for our company holiday party. I’m starting to look at options now, because last year I scrambled at the last minute to put something together. Everyone had a good time, but nobody knew the reality of how stressful it was for me to pull it off! I’m also looking to do something different than the typical hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and socializing – around the holidays there are many people less fortunate than you and I, and I would love to find a way to incorporate a charitable aspect of our holiday party in order to help make the holidays a more cheerful time for those who don’t have as much. My main issue: where do I even begin!?

Holly Day

Dear Holly,

Yes, it’s daunting. Where do you even start when it’s time for holiday party planning? It’s a large task to take on, which is why we definitely recommend planning early – good job. It absolutely helps you to avoid the stress of last minute arrangements. It’s great that you’ve learned from last year’s stress and have decided to change the way you plan this year’s event. We’ll help you break it down into 3 simplified steps to early planning. After you’ve done these key things, you can get into more of the details (like food, entertainment, decorations, invitations, etc).

1. Ask yourself what it is that you’d like to accomplish.
You said you’d like to do something out of the norm that also allows your group to give back to the community. Did you know that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is actually quite trendy now? Recent studies have actually shown that companies who promote employee engagement with CSR have workers whose morale was 55% better and whose employee loyalty was 38% better.

2. Do your planning
Google is your new best friend. Start researching charities and organizations in your area who you’d like to give back to or work with. Begin thinking about different activities you could incorporate into your party that involve volunteering and bonding as a team while having fun and getting in the holiday spirit. Start to compile a list of ideas that might work for your group, and narrow it down to a few feasible, cost-effective, fun choices.

3. Take a poll…be a crowd-pleaser!
Once you’ve decided the route you want to take with your party, send out a poll to your employees. If you want to keep it a surprise, you can still do that – just make the poll more general to get a feel for what people prefer. For a charitable event, you could pose a question such as, “Which cause has the most meaning to you personally?” and provide a few options such as animals, children, the environment, veterans, or people who are handicapped/disabled. From there, you can narrow down the choices for what you might want to focus a charitable event around.

After you’ve taken these three simple steps, you’re that much closer to the actual planning and execution of your event. It doesn’t have to be stressful! Breaking it down into pieces is the way to go in order to avoid last minute planning and scrambling. With our e-Book providing a step-by-step guide to planning a holiday party, you’ll be stress-free and successful. Focus on getting a few details worked out every week, and you’re bound to have a fun and easy event.


Do you have any party planning tips you’d like to share? Let us know!

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