Plan Your Company Holiday Party | Save the Date Ideas

April 18, 2016

Samantha McDuffee

Team Contributor

Whether you’re planning a large office holiday party or a small company outing, take fun seriously. The more you plan, the more relaxed you will be and the more fun you’ll have with your team. The worst part of planning a last minute holiday activity, is that it will feel last minute, and the only solution to last minute is to break the bank.

Mark your calendar to get started! Let your team know that you’re planning an office holiday party. Surprise holiday activities are generally a bad idea. The end of the year is a busy time for everyone. Provide basic details about what you are planning in your invitation. This also gives you time to make adjustments, if necessary. Here is some etiquette on the subject.

Existing Company Calendars:

Outlook, Google Calendar, Intranet

Potential Pros:
 Familiar platform
Update notifications
Consolidated information
Potential Cons:
Easily buried
Update notifications (too many?)

Paper Invitations:

Hand deliver, when possible, to avoid missing someone.

Potential Pros:
 Personal touch
Significant meaning
Potential Cons:
Impossible to update
Easily lost

Virtual Invitations:

Evite, Smilebox,, Facebook, EventBrite

Potential Pros:
 WOW factor
Update notifications
Consolidated information
Potential Cons:
May get blocked by spam
Unfamiliar platform
Personal & professional overlap

Now that you have the date, start with reviewing last year’s company holiday party:

  • Who were the key decision makers?
  • Where was it held?
  • What was the turnout?
  • Did the timing work?
  • Were than any issues around food? Alcohol?
  • Did people like the activities? If not, why?
  • Are there elements that you can improve or expand on?
Image Credit: Michael’s Cookie Jar


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