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By: Molly Chronister|November 23, 2015| Save This Idea


The work year is making its way to a close. That can only mean one thing: Office Holiday Party! You want to go but at the same time could see yourself home watching movies. Don’t make that mistake! Join in the festivities and get into the spirit of things. Here are just a few tips to remember after you make that decision to attend.


Make Sure to Attend!

First and foremost, you need to be there. It will cast you as an engaged employee. This night is about celebrating the holidays, being in others’ company and acknowledging everyone’s efforts and accomplishments for the year. Plus, someone took valuable time to plan and execute an awesome party for everyone to enjoy together. Be sure to give a ‘thank you’ to that person as well! You may be a part of a gift exchange. If so, try not to come empty handed.

Be Your Genuine Self

This is crucial if you want the night to go well. Don’t do or say things that will come back to haunt you because you’ll just be the talk of the office the next day. Smile, make good eye contact and give firm hand shakes. And, while attending an office holiday  party can be nerve wracking for some, don’t get too stressed. You’ll need to be able to step out of your comfort zone a bit to really enjoy the evening. You may just find yourself meeting co-workers you wouldn’t normally have the chance to get to know, creating a great opportunity for you to network.


Dress Accordingly

Appropriate attire is a must, really anywhere you go. Make sure to check in advance if your office party has a theme, is casual or black tie. Keep a professional image to avoid risking what you’ve accomplished throughout your career. Depending on your office, there may be team building activities that will take place so, dress for comfort.

Know Your Limits

Whether it be eating, drinking, or even talking, excessive amounts of these things don’t usually result in anything good. Know when enough is enough and you should be set for the night. Go in with a smile and hopefully you’ll end the night with an even bigger smile. Here is some extra etiquette to make the night go even smoother.




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