Our Charity Team Building Programs

Looking for your team’s next outing or office event? Consider giving back to your community while connecting with your coworkers!

Charity team building programs help build bonds and strengthen communication skills while boosting morale and cultural empathy. Ready to empower your community and make a positive difference in the lives of people who need it the most? View all our charity programs below.

Our Charity Team Building Events

The Charity Bike Build

As our favorite charity event, teams work together to build bikes that are later donated to local children’s organizations. Hundreds of companies have used the Charity Bike Build to donate nearly 20,000 bikes to grateful children around the world.

The Big Give

A combination of several popular charity programs morphed into one mega giving extravaganza, The Big Give is ideal for a company seeking an opportunity to build not only relationships but also boost Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well.

Mr. Roboto

In this charity team building event, you’ll build actual functioning robots controlled by an easy-to-use iPhone app. You’ll end on a memorable high note as teams compete in a hilarious obstacle course.

Toys for Tykes ‘Arts & Music’ Event

In this fully facilitated Toys for Tykes event, your group starts off by assembling a classic Radio Flyer wagon. They also get to stuff quality teddy bears before dressing them in fun artist- or musician-themed outfits. The wagon gets filled with art projects and easy-to-play musical instruments like maracas and ukuleles.

Toys for Tykes charity team building

Team Teddy Rescue Bear

This is the original Teddy Bear team building event! In this heartwarming charitable activity, your entire group works together to complete challenges, solve puzzles, and build teddy bears for a local recipient of your choice.

Just Roll With It

Get ready for a thrilling team building experience through our skateboard build challenge! Join forces with your team to assemble and design skateboards and decorate helmets that will be gifted to local children’s charities as a tool for educating, empowering, and encouraging the communities they serve.

Do Good Bus

Hop on the bus for a day of fun, team building, and a mystery volunteer location! Participants don’t know where they’re going, but they know they’re going to do good! Not only will your team learn about the cause itself, but they’ll be making a direct impact working side-by-side on projects when we visit them on the Do Good Bus.

Operation Cancer Care

This team building event is designed to bring out the fun while making a remarkable contribution to those fighting cancer. Teams compete in a series of zany challenges to produce care packages for delivery to cancer patients.

The Prosthetic Hand Project

In the Prosthetic Hand Project, teams will engage in activities centered around the assembly of cosmetic hands and the decorating of hand-storage bags, with the purpose of gifting these items to empower the lives of amputees in developing countries.

Build Your Own Mini Golf Course

We provide a rich assortment of tubes, pipes, non-perishable packaged food items, lumber and other building supplies, which your group uses to create their own whimsical golf course. The non-perishable goods are then donated to a local food pantry after the program. It’s a fantastic way to combine team building, golf, and charity.

build your own golf course charity team building event

Cooking For A Cause

This fun culinary team building activity is built around preparing and enjoying a meal with the rest of your team. But you also help your community in a meaningful way by creating welcome donations for a local food bank.


This year alone, 2.5 million children experiencing homelessness might miss out on that opportunity. That’s where Build-A-Birthday comes in, an event that focuses on the magic of creating and gifting a full birthday celebration to kids who would otherwise not have one.

Mission ImPAWssible: Pet Wheelchair Build

In this deeply impactful program, you and your team unite to build pet wheelchairs – known as K9-Carts – that will be donated internationally to animals in need. Your team’s efforts will not only empower one another but will also empower pets to live a life without limits.

Clean Water Connection

In this filter-building event, your team can help assemble water filters in 10 easy steps and learn more about the world water crisis. The filters are used to get clean water in hard-to-reach areas, like refugee camps and natural disasters.

Clean water connecting volunteer team building

Paint Soles For Souls

In this charitable team building event, your group gets to decorate new shoes that are donated to South American children in need. And for every pair, ⅓ of the profits are invested for grassroots good, including cash grants and partnerships with community organizations, to drive sustainable change.

Play it Forward – The Giveback Game Show

Spark your excitement with this event based on the popular pricing game show, but with a charitable twist. In Play it Forward, the giveback gameshow, teams compete in pricing challenges and trivia in order to win it all for charity.

Go Give: Charity Challenge

Embark on an amazing journey of giving with Go Give, where teams complete GPS-triggered charity challenges to positively impact the community. Teams will emerge from the experience with strengthened bonds, cherished memories, a renewed sense of camaraderie, and fun memories that will last a lifetime.

Wheels Around the World

In this philanthropic Wheels Around the World event, each team will sponsor a wheelchair, complete a set of activities, decorate and personalize a wheel safety cover, and discover more about their recipients. Participants will make a direct impact on a person’s life while at the same time raising awareness of what it is like to live with a disability.

The Donation Station

This customizable corporate giving program allows your team to come together with the goal of assembling as many donation kits as possible in a limited amount of time. No need to worry about logistics — we’ll take care of everything.

Little Team Library

Putting books in the hands of children has a meaningful impact on improving literacy, and Little Team Library will do just that. Not only will you assemble and decorate a Little Free Library® kit and post for every two teams, but you will also be getting to know each other through the act of storytelling.

Little Team Library team building charity event

Tools for Schools

This hands-on corporate charity event has your group filling backpacks with notebooks, pencils, erasers and other vital school supplies. But they’ll have to earn them in a series of fun mental and physical team challenges.

Healthcare Heroes Scavenger Hunt

As teams complete a series of healthcare-related challenges, they’ll collect items for donation to a local hospital. Each appreciation bag includes surgical caps, comfy medical-themed socks, stainless steel water bottles and plenty of healthy snacks.

Everyday Superheroes

Teams get to be creative, constructive and collaborative as they design their very own superheroes for custom company-themed comic books. They’ll also build Green Machine superhero cycles, then stuff and decorate superhero-themed teddy bears. Each team also creates a custom superhero cape for the lucky recipients of these heartwarming donations.

Team Ukulele

In this fun event, your group forms bands to create new versions of popular songs. Everyone has a part to play. Some write, some sing, and some work out their team’s choreography. Of course, some will even play the ukulele. After the event, we donate them to the Hungry for Music Foundation, who distributes them to aspiring young musicians across the globe.

Wheelchairs In Motion

In our exciting Charity Wheelchair Build, we’re not just strengthening team relationships; we’re also assembling and donating charity wheelchairs to disabled U.S. veterans and others who can’t afford the mobility assistance they need.

Wheelchairs in motion program

Helping Hands

This philanthropic activity lets your group provide hope, help and a little cheer. Working together, teams assemble personal care kits for community members facing the devastating impact of natural disasters or homelessness.

Foodbank Showdown

Based on beloved TV favorite “The Price Is Right,” this high-energy team building game show provides fun with a purpose. A big-hearted twist: teams use their Showdown Coupons to buy real groceries for local families in need.

Paws For A Cause

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind corporate team building workshop in support of local animal shelters. Teams enjoy games, trivia and friendly competition, all while creating dog beds, pull toys, cat scratch pads and gift baskets.

Paws for a Cause

Hopefull Handbags Global

This charitable team building event is designed to bring awareness to obstacles faced by survivors of domestic abuse and their children. By filling new and gently-used handbags with essential items, we not only aid them in regaining stability but also convey the community’s care and support, underlining the undeniable force of hope that unites us.

Operation Military Care

In this corporate volunteering program, your team assembles care packages for donation to U.S. military personnel at overseas bases or stateside hospitals. Your special gifts make a huge impact, both for them and your team.

Charity Team Building for Any Team

Is there a special charity you want to support? Do you have a new team building idea that you’d love to try? When our existing programs don’t quite match the ideas in your head, we’re happy to pull out all the stops and help you build a 100% customized program for your team.

As you can see, TeamBonding offers a wide variety of charitable team building events to encourage your team to connect while giving back to their community. Contact us today to get started planning your company’s charitable event!

Jayne Hannah

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