Sweetheart Ideas for Valentine’s Day Team Building

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest holiday of the bunch.

The energy created between sweethearts is second to none, but creating energy within your team is equally as important. Here are some fantastic team builders that also function as meeting energizers, and they work with onsite staff as well as staff you have out there in the virtual world.

Meeting Energizers and Team Building Activities

Nothing is Better Than a Friend Unless it’s a Friend with Chocolate…

They say chocolate makes everything better and what is a better way to start a meeting than enjoying something sweet together? Lucky for you, we have some choices. Whether you want to enjoy a behind-the-scenes experience of a working chocolatier with a tasting kit with our Curated Online Chocolate Experience, we have the stuff that will make your taste buds go crazy!

truffle tasting kit

Enjoying time with your coworkers and the tasty chocolate will be sure to kick off your meeting with high spirits. And if you have the time, learn new chocolate skills and make your own truffles with our Chocolate Truffle Making Experience!

They say that nine out of ten people like chocolate and the tenth is lying. But if chocolate really isn’t for you we have a plethora of tasty activities!


This is a quick game that pits smaller groups (3 to 8) against each other.  The goal is for each team to find as many commonalities within the group as possible.  The commonalities must apply to each person in the group and there is a 2-minute time limit.

These commonalities can’t be obvious ones like, “we all have fingernails or we all are wearing clothes” (though the opposite could be fun).  They need to be a bit more “creative” like we have all visited Greece, we all like to go fishing, or we’re all afraid of spiders, etc.

The team with the most number of Commonalities wins. The team with the funniest Commonality also wins.  In fact, you can have as many winning categories with “prizes” as you wish for teams.

Relax, Rejuvenate, and Refresh

With all that is going on around us, it is important to rejuvenate and take care of your mental wellness. Taking time to just sit back and relax can not only help to relieve stress but can improve memory, attention, and foster new ideas. A quick meditation session before a meeting could be just what your team needs to get the ideas and energy flowing.

With Meditainment Online our guided meditations help your team to calm the mind, alleviate anxiety, and reduce stress. It’s as easy to do as following a relaxing story with your eyes closed. Take a moment to let your mind take you to amazing places such as The Secret Garden, Lost City, Deep Ocean, Mountain Refuge, Desert Oasis, and the Blue Lagoon.

PPT of Me

This energizer and team builder is a great way to start off your meetings.  Each meeting starts off each a 4-slideshow presentation from a different team member.  The slideshow will give the team members an opportunity to share a bit about who they are, what they do, and where they come from outside of work.

This is one of the team builders that really helps people get to know each other better.

Share a Laugh

Laughter relaxes the entire body, can help relieve tension, and serve as a great bonding experience. You can start off a meeting by running a fun poll, using visuals, or add a game to boost morale and start off on a positive note. With Swipe Face your team will find out who is the best poser in a playful selfie game where players compete to take the best picture in response to fun poses. Or run a quick game of ‘Almost Anything Goes’ team trivia that can be tailored to any of your needs!

Rockin’ Meeting

Get more energy injected into your next meeting by blasting a “theme song” that represents the content of the session.  Have people come to the meeting with the song looping in the background.  You can also tie the music into your slide notes for a greater impact.

The best songs are ones that support the theme or message of the meeting.   (i.e. Weird Al’s “Eat It” for a meeting about acquiring a new company, or  Black Eyed Peas “I Got a Feeling” for a meeting for launching a new budget).

Or if you want to take some time to jam out and share some laughs before your meeting try Wild Card Bingo music edition and bring back the 80s, relive the 90’s today’s hits, determine the song title and try to find song titles on your virtual bingo card based on singer, songs, or genres.


All of these great meeting energizers do double duty as team builders.

Adding a bit of fun to each meeting will not only energize your team, but it will also help them stay more motivated and engaged.  And of course, we believe that when your team is having fun, there is Team Building happening!

When your team is having fun, they will relax and be more engaged in what they’re doing.  They will also have a fun, common experience that will enhance the bond they have with their coworkers to take back to the office with them.

Whether your team is virtual, hybrid, or in-person we have events that are sure to make your meeting or event one to remember. So try some of the sweetheart ideas above and use your own creativity to build a bit more love inside your team.  And don’t forget to buy flowers and chocolates – because you can’t be a sweetheart at work without being one at home!

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