8 Winter Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love

Coming back to work after the holidays can be arduous, we can understand. But just because the holiday season has come to an end doesn’t mean the holiday spirit has to go with it. Keeping employees engaged and motivated year-round is vital to the success of all companies regardless of size. Improving engagement, showing appreciation, encouraging creativity, and effective communication all go hand-in-hand when motivating employees.

A motivated team should be excited and ready to complete different tasks. Team building activities are a great way to enhance the productivity, collaboration, and the happiness of your employees. Don’t let the weather, or Covid-19 stop you, because there are plenty of virtual winter team building activities and events that are just one click away. Don’t fret because there is something for every team! Keep reading for some great team building ideas that are sure to keep your employees on the right track this new year!

1. Learn A New Skill

Gain a new experience that will feed your mind and keep you entertained. Check out our Ice Sculpting Demo where you can watch a professional use chain saws, chisels, torches, and more to hack away at large blocks and turn them into seasonal sculptures such as a Penguin, a Snowman, or an interactive carving of your choice. Perfect for before a long meeting, we can even reveal a 3-D logo of your choice. Come on, we have all wondered how ice sculptures are so accurately created. Or, if your team is able to be together in person, we offer an In-Person Ice Sculpting workshop where you can learn from a professional and do it yourself!

2. Does Your Team Have What It Takes To Crack A Cold Case?

Who doesn’t love a murder mystery? Experience the high-tech world of crime scene investigation with a one of a kind Virtual Crime Scene Investigation event. Each team works together as an elite CSI unit tasked with sorting through the evidence to figure out who committed the crime, how they did it, and why. To make it better, we have expanded to three different murder mysteries your team can choose from. Solve one or solve them all. Or, if simply catching a killer doesn’t suit your fancy, put your detective skills to work with our Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery or Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner. You pick the time and we will commit the crime!

3. Challenge Your Team with Trivia

Experience a fully hosted high-tech team trivia event that will be sure to challenge and unite your team. Honor the late Alex Trabek with our officially licensed, facilitator lead, fully virtual Official Jeopardy Game Show event. We have this perennially popular television game show complete with the big board, theme song, sound effects, hidden daily double, final jeopardy round, and all in a fully customizable format! There are countless themes available such as diversity and inclusion, training methods, and history! Or compete and try our fully customizable team trivia event in almost any category you can imagine, almost, with Almost Anything Goes.

virtual jeopardy game

4. Clear Your Mind

If drinking wine or solving crime doesn’t appeal to your team, boost creativity with Virtual Laughter Yoga! What better way to clear your mind than a good laugh, like a really good laugh. With this event you are required to let loose, release stress, and bond with your team by being silly and forcing yourself to laugh. A forced laugh leads to a real laugh and will help you realize laughter really is the best medicine. Or clear your mind and focus on your self-awareness and working attitude with Employee Wellness. Learn to recharge effectively to support yourself individually to become more creative and effective as a team.

5. Let The Music Take Control

Create team harmony through the power of music. Unite your people virtually and musically with our E Choir event where a vocal coach will lead your team to a beautifully executed performance. You may think you individually don’t have the most beautiful singing voice, but remember choirs are not about singing individually or at the same time but rather about singing together. Or listen to some classic jams that will take you back or show you what you’ve been missing with Wild Card Music Bingo. Determine the song title and try to find song titles on your virtual bingo card based on singer, songs, or genres. Trust us, you’ll be racking your brain when you know the words but can’t think of who sung that 80s song.

6. Sit Back & Relax

With everything that is going on in our world, we all deserve to take a moment to sit back and just enjoy each other’s company. Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or connoisseur, our Virtual Wine Tasting experience allows your team to taste and discuss a variety of wines with the owner and winemaker. With lifestyle pairings, literary pairings, and music pairings for the wines, we have a delicious lineup designed to appeal to everyone. And if you want to take this happy hour to the next level, we offer Bingo & Trivia to increase the energy and entertainment of this flavorful event.

wine maker


7. There’s No I In Team…Or Escape

Escape rooms are great because they get teams motivated towards one common goal. No matter the mission, and we have plenty to choose from, your team will gain organization skills, time management skills, and communication skills to use in the future. Find your way home to family and friends and Escape the Blizzard or save the world from all kinds of terrorists and threats as a Rogue Agent. Or, if you’re still interested in a cold case check out Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery where you can still put your detective and crime scene investigation skills to the test.


8. Give The Gift Of Giving

Our final recommendation to improve the motivation of your team this winter is to give back. With Operation Military Care, your team will assemble care packages for our servicemen and women. Packages are created for soldiers who rarely or never receive anything from home. Teams really make a difference by acknowledging their service and providing these special gifts. Giving back not only creates a positive feeling from within but unites people together for one common cause.

We specialize in team building events of all kinds that are carefully structured to engage and motivate your team. Despite being remote, there’s no reason fostering new relationships should be impeded. Looking for more events to try this winter? We’ve got you covered. Check out all of our virtual events to find the perfect bonding experience for your team.

Plays well with these activities...

Escape the Blizzard

Group Size: 8 - unlimited
Time: 1 - 1.5 hours

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VCSI – Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

Group Size: 12 - 150
Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

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