Team Building in San Jose

San Jose is a diverse city with many arts, cultural, fine dining and recreational venues that are perfect for hosting team building events, programs and activities.
We can plan an exciting corporate team building activity or event for your group at a San Jose venue of your choice — a fun, bonding experience that will make a lasting impression on your colleagues and on your company.

Top 8 team building events in San Jose.

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Preferred Venues In San Jose

Great venues in San Jose to host your next TeamBonding event! You can also pick your own venue and many of our events can be hosted at your office or workplace.

Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA, USA

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The Tech Interactive

201 S Market St, San Jose, CA, USA

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What are the top team building activities in San Jose?

San Jose is a beautiful area that offers many opportunities for corporate entertainment and team building. For instance, your team can take part in scavenger hunts, food challenges, game shows, bar crawls, charity programs, adventure courses, train rides, and more.

What should I expect at San Jose corporate team building events?

Your team can expect to have tons of fun and make amazing memories with fellow colleagues. What’s more, these activities can help boost productivity, communication, and employee morale in the workplace.

On game day, your facilitator will introduce the game and its instructions. Then, she or he will deliver an engaging experience for everyone. Feel free to ask questions and share any concerns you may have, as it’s our goal that all participants feel comfortable and have a blast.

How much do events for team building in San Jose, California cost?

Corporate events in San Jose vary in cost. This is because pricing is based on numerous factors, such as the activity, number of participants, length of the program, location, materials needed, and more. An account manager can provide an accurate proposal for your chosen event.

If you’re not sure which program to select, one of our event managers can help you find the right one based on your company culture, budget, and goals. Best of all, we can tailor any event for your team.

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