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A team building event or icebreaker is a great way to onboard and welcome your interns, or to thank them at the end of your program. We work with large or small groups of interns, and organize fun team building events that will make a lasting impression on your future superstars.

How do you motivate interns?

By giving them opportunities to learn and grow, and by providing an enriched, inspiring work environment. Fun team building activities outside of the workplace can be a great motivator!

Start your interns off on the right foot.

Starting an internship at any organization can be intimidating. Team building programs provide a foundation for collaboration and communication. Students understand that their role impacts the team and organization as a whole.

Not your typical approach to team building.

We’ve all been to those corporate team building events where everything is awkward and there’s a lot of eye-rolling. That’s the opposite of what we do. We use the power of play to make our events fun and effective at the same time.


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