Thank you, TeamBonding!

Today marks the last day of my Social Media & Marketing Internship with TeamBonding! Although I am itching and ready to get back to Amherst, I am also sad for my last day at TeamBonding to end.

Hands down and without a doubt this has been a great experience. Not only did I learn a lot during my time as a TeamBonding intern, but I also really enjoyed being a part of this amazing team as well.

Everybody here in the office is so kind and caring, always willing to answer any questions and help with any challenges. Although I spent the majority of my time in my little corner of the office, I was always welcome to hang and work with the production side of the building as well. In fact, a big shout out goes to Kristin and Ariel for always welcoming me to work with them when Sam & David weren’t in the office and my Fridays got a little too lonely/creepy here in the corner.

Throughout my internship, there have been several projects that have been a combination of both fun and challenging. However, if i had to choose, there were two in particular that will definitely be my two favorite memories here at TeamBonding.


2 Favorite Memories:

1. Social Madness.


For nearly a month, my main focus was the Boston Business Journal’s Social Madness Competition. At times, I felt like I ate, slept, and dreamed of Social Madness, but I’m not complaining. I loved it.

I am an ultra-competitive person, so this competition was definitely right up my alley. In hopes to be deemed victorious, Sam and I planned an awesome social media campaign where we organized and launched a successful 24 hour tweeting series that was pretty consistent throughout the entire competition.

Although I enjoyed the social media aspect of the competition, I would have to say that the best part about the competition was knowing that everyone at TeamBonding had my back. Every day they were liking, sharing, commenting, tweeting, +1ing, and basically harassing any friends or family they could get their hands on.

And it worked. We made it further than I think any of us ever expected. It was an awesome run and an even better experience.

2. Intern Olympics

Oh the Intern Olympics. This past Wednesday, Michelle, Renee, and I competed in a morning filled with “Intern Challenges.” Now, I’ve already mentioned that I am ultra-competitive, so you can probably imagine how into this I was.

Social Media & Marketing Intern vs. Event Planning Interns.

The office set up a series of challenges for us that were geared to both social media and production equally. Our first challenge was a social media challenge where we each had to create a Facebook post about team building and then generate likes, comments, and shares which equated to points in the competition. The race for this challenge was intense, each of us vying to gain the most Facebook activity.

Intern Olympics 223

After our Facebook pictures were posted, we began the costume challenge. In the TeamBonding Headquarters, there is a warehouse attached that is filled with items that are used during the events. For events such as make-a-movie, there are bins upon bins of costumes and props. With that said, it was our next challenge to go into the warehouse and come out with the best costume. I’m pretty sure the picture to the right explains it all.

For our last 3 challenges, we competed in a race to name the most TeamBonding programs, a series of trivia questions about TeamBonding employees, and a laminating race which I don’t like to talk about. (I came in dead last, like I might as well have not even been in the race)

The race to the gold medal was a close one. In fact, the winner only won by a mere 3 points. And… Well… Not to brag or anything, *cough* but a certain Social Media Intern was dubbed winner of the Intern Olympics.


So although these may have been my two favorite memories, there are definitely way more in the books, including Free Food Fridays and Corn-hole Tournaments.

Without any hesitation, I would recommend this internship to any college student interested in social media, marketing, and a good time.

So once again, thank you to everyone here at TeamBonding who made my first college internship such a success. I loved every minute of it.

Signing off for one last time,


Jillian Sheedy

Team Contributor


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