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By: Rebecca Smith|April 26, 2016| Save This Idea


One of the most significant advantages of hiring interns is the opportunity to select and develop your future talent. A survey from Bridge states, employers have reported converting more than half of qualified interns into full time hires.

However, interns must learn about the company, position and interact with staff members to make this happen. This can be accomplished through an Intern Orientation.

training-istock-20150915Intern orientations are a great way to introduce your new interns to the primary activities of your business or organization. It is very important for interns to be warmly welcomed into your organization. The sooner your intern understands your business, the sooner they can assume assigned responsibilities. Expectations vary based on the size of your organization or internship program, but here are a few things to review with your new interns:

  • Hours
  • Dress code
  • Overall responsibilities
  • Safety regulations and requirements

Designing a thorough intern orientation and training plan will help interns learn quickly and become a productive member of your team. Investing supervisory time with your interns can set the tone for the program and the internship experience.

Intern Orientation Checklist

  • Explain the mission of your organization.
  • Explain the organization’s structure and what each department is responsible for.
  • Define the interns responsibilities and teach them any jargon that will be helpful to their new position.

Goals Of The Intern Orientation 

  • Introduce interns to staff members and an intern mentor.
  • Give the intern pertinent information about your business or organization’s operations, policies, and procedures.
  • Meet members of various departments to equate themselves and individually interact with each staff member.
  • Provide an opportunity for interns to meet each other.
  • Allow time for interns to determine their professional growth needs and learning goals they wish to achieve.

Make Your Intern Orientation FUN

0588What better way to orientate potential employees than a team building activity? Show how fun your organization is by planning an activity. Salsa Showdown or In It To Win It are always great hits. Having a team building activity at your intern orientation can help form close relationships between the interns and staff members of your organization.

Remember your interns may have little to no experience with your organization’s objective or environment. A successful intern orientation can help them acclimate more quickly and be more productive! 




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