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thankful teambonding

To me the holiday season starts and ends with Thanksgiving.  It is a holiday that brings people together, families, friends, co-workers. It is a time when and if possible, we are together with those that mean the most to us and this holiday really hasn’t fallen into religious or retail exploitation.

It started yesterday when the TeamBonding event managers, account managers, production people, interns, and the behind the scenes people here at TeamBonding came over to my house, brought food and wine and shared stories and laughs and enjoyed each other’s company. It means a lot that we work hard to make our clients look good and build teams within your company and bring people together through the power of play.

The holiday continues when our people can be with their families and  take a little time to be with the ones that they love and love them.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with great clients like you, employ great people, create and innovate new ways to bring your teams together and really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge, passion and talent with your team. I am also grateful for a talented team in the office and our facilitators in the field and for new clients as well as the repeat clients who trust us year after year.

Here is something that we did to thank you for working with us.  Happy Thanksgiving!

David Goldstein
Founder, Creator of Opportunities

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