Quick Team Building Activities for Lasting Connections

Building and maintaining lasting connections with your team is incredibly important if you want them to operate at the best of their abilities. At the same time, it’s often thought that team building is something that takes weeks, months, or years. Many teams, especially those in fast paces forgo team building because they think it takes too long. That’s not the case though. With quick team building activities, you can immediately start making those connections. Whether your team is big, small, or in a fast paced environment, there are plenty of quick team building activities for work that can help improve your team dynamics. 

At TeamBonding, we have been helping organizations team build and build connections for over 25 years. We have numerous events that cater to organizations of all shapes, sizes, and needs. Whether you need quick virtual team building activities or in-person activities for large groups, we have you covered. 

In today’s blog, let’s look at some of the best quick team building activities for lasting connections. We’ll cover why team building is important, provide a variety of activities that cover most needs, and some tips on when to team build. 

What’s the Point of Quick Team Building Activities?

To start things off, let’s look at why quick team building activities are important and necessary. It’s easy to discredit these activities as frivolous and unimportant, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many reasons for team building, and we’re going to go over a few of them. 

In general, team building is an incredibly valuable resource for businesses. Team building can help improve your employees and teams in numerous ways. They can help improve morale, increase retention, improve efficiency, better teamwork, and much more. 

On top of that, team building helps you build a cohesive team in a better working environment. Teams that are synergistic and work like a single unit ultimately provide better results. And when teams are feeling good, that helps bring up everyone around them. A positive environment helps the entire organization and can be massively impactful. 

Team building can also be used to pinpoint specific areas. For example, creativity’s role in the workplace is huge; it can be the thing that helps you get ahead of the competition and be an industry leader. There are numerous team building activities that focus on creativity, helping your team increase creativity. 

Focusing specifically on quick team building activities, they have their own unique benefits as well. 

Work days are busy; people are rushing to meet deadlines, stressed from the day-to-day, and worrying about what’s next. If that goes on continuously, there can be numerous negative effects. People get burnt out, become less efficient, get irritable, and more. Those employees might bring down your team, productivity, or even leave altogether. 

Quick team building activities can be the perfect way to provide a break from the hustle. Since they’re quick, these kinds of activities can be squeezed into even the busiest of schedules. Giving your team a break can prevent all of the negatives listed above, as well as improve your team in various ways depending on the chosen activities. 

And if you really want to take a moment away from all the stress, you can do full-day activities/events as well. These can provide your team an even more effective break from work, and you have more time to focus on improving skills. 

quick team building activities

In Person Quick Team Building Activities for Work

With the “why” out of the way, it’s time to move onto the “what.” Quick fun team building activities is pretty vague, so what activities should you be looking at and considering? Let’s look at some of the best fun activities for employees available.

One quick team building activity we really love is Boom Time. With this activity, you and your team will use boomwhackers (a simple, tube-like instrument that anyone can play) to create a work symphony. This event is simple, quick, and tons of fun. If you just want to help your team let off some steam and take a break, this is a stellar choice. 

Another great choice for quick and fun team building is Meditainment. Though meditation on its own may not sound like fun, this activity certainly is. You and your team will experience an interactive meditation experience that is fun, relaxing, and impactful. This can help de-stress, build comradery, energize, and more. For teams that just need a breather, you can’t wrong with Meditainment. 

If you’re really looking for something fun that will help you and your team forget all about the stresses of work, game show activities are a great choice. These game shows are incredibly fun and will let your team enjoy some time with their coworkers, building connections. A game like In It to Win It will let your employees let loose, have fun, and destress while growing together as a team. 

Another good option is The Donation Station. Your team will get to spend time together while creating donation kits for a charity or organization of their choice. This is a fairly flexible event, so you can do a quick donation rush or make it an all day event. Either way, it’s a perfect way to build connections and increase comradery with your team while helping the community. 

Quick Virtual Team Building Activities

Considering that we’re in the 2020’s, it wouldn’t be right to ignore virtual teams. Even for teams working from home, it’s important to team build and take breaks from the hectic workday. And thankfully there are tons of quick team building activities virtual that are perfect for virtual teams. 

These events and activities all work with virtual teams working from home. However, they can also be great for in-person teams too. Since they’re all digital, there’s little set-up and prep required. That means these events can be incredibly quick, making them a perfect fit for the busiest of teams. 

Virtual Laughter Yoga is one of our favorites for virtual teams. It’s easy to get stressed looking at the computer all day, and we’ve all forgotten to take a stretch break too. With this activity though, your team can let out the stress with laughter while getting in some mood boosting physical activity. And don’t forget that the yoga will get your blood flowing and endorphins rushing, which can help increase efficiency.

Want to have fun with a gameshow without needing everyone together? Virtual Jeopardy is a great option. A quick round or two of Jeopardy is a fun way to break up the day, open/close a meeting, and give your team a short break from their work. And since it’s virtual, it’s easy to squeeze a game in at any time of the day. 

For teams that are a bit more competitive, At the Races is a perfect choice. You and your team can have fun training, betting, and cheering on horse races—all virtually. Again, this event is a great way to give your team a break while having fun and building lasting connections quickly. 

Last but not least, Amazing Race Around the World is a favorite for virtual teams feeling a bit stuffy at home. With this event, you can travel around the world virtually to compete and complete challenges. Have fun, let loose, and create relationships that help bring your team together. 

When Should You Consider A Quick Team Building Activity

We’ve covered the why and what of quick team building, and now it’s time for the when. Knowing when to consider a quick activity for team building is crucial too, so let’s cover a few basics. 

Quick team building activities can be worked into the day fairly easily. Since they’re short, you just need to make a little time. For example, you could use them to start out or end a daily/weekly meeting. You could incorporate them just after lunch before everyone goes back to work, or they can be used to start the day off with some fun. 

Another good option is to use them at the end of the week. Thursdays and Fridays are when people are the most drained and burnt out, so a fun team building activity can help them recharge and finish the week out strong. They’ll also be more energized when they come back Monday too. 

Conversely, they can be a great way to start a week too. Most people don’t like Mondays, and a quick fun team building activity can help everyone get into the flow of things right from the start. 

Lastly, they are a perfect choice for celebrations too. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, the end of a successful project, or a new sales landmark, a quick team building activity is a great way to show your appreciation for your team. 

Quick Team Building with TeamBonding

It’s easy to overlook quick team building activities, but they help build lasting connections that can bring your team together. Cohesive teams are more engaged, efficient, creative, have higher morale, increase retention, and much more. With quick team building, you can create a team that works together expertly and elevates your organization. 

When it comes to team building, TeamBonding is the best choice. We have over 25 years of experience putting together events, and our selection of events covers every and any team building need. So get in touch with us today and start using quick team building activities to create lasting connections.

Anna Webber

Team Contributor


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