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GoTek – Team Building Scavenger Hunts

for groups of all sizes delivered nationwide

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Choose Your Own Mobile Adventure

GoTek Mobile Adventures are designed to be delivered anytime, anywhere, any season, indoors and out.

GoTek Mobile Adventure themes include city exploring with our Mad Dash and our City Explorer (which includes iPads), our highly competitive GoTek Amazing Race, three different charitable hunts with our GoTek for Charity hunts, indoor hunts in Museums, Zoos and Aquariums with the GoTek Museum Explorer and our newest hunt, Team-Opoly, take the bored out of board games in this one-of-a-kind GoTek.

Select the GoTek Mobile Adventure that best matches your objectives or ask for your own custom hunt.

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How It Works

GoTek Mobile Adventures have taken location-based team building to the next level. Using cutting edge technology, we’ll have your teams working together to answer interactive questions and complete brilliantly compiled challenges that will motivate and inspire. By leveraging people’s natural desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression, we are able to produce amazing results which will be the talk of the office for months.

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And they're off!

The GoTek Amazing Race is a fun, energetic, and entertaining outdoor or indoor adventure. The hunt begins with our expert facilitator explains the rules of the road during which teams learn how to navigate our Mobile Adventures App. Teams use their Smartphones (or we can provide iPads) with Amazing Race-type instructions and must analyze the information and clues while developing the best possible strategy to become the winning team.

Inspired by the popular TV show Amazing Race, this fast-paced team building event challenges team to navigate a series of detours and roadblocks as they race around the city of your choice. The app includes photo missions, video challenges and GPS challenges sending groups to staffed team building stations along the way, all with healthy doses of laughter thrown in.

Upon completion, teams race each other and the clock in a sprint to the finish line. A slideshow of images and videos recorded throughout the day is presented at the concluding awards ceremony. After the GoTek Amazing Race, your dedicated corporate event manager will send you a secure link to a private webpage that contains all the photos and videos shot by your group.

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Explore, learn, compete – a unique, interactive team building experience which allows you to explore your chosen city.

The city streets are your playground for this team event as you get out and about to explore, learn and compete against other teams in our unique and interactive City Explorer event. Armed with our iPads as your tour guide, this is a team building event with an interactive twist as you work together to locate the city based hotspots, video & photo challenges and trivia questions to earn points.

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Questions, tasks, photos, videos and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges. Incorporating historical and local news, interesting historical facts local musicians, bands and sports personalities, famous people, and local food and drink, this is a unique team event designed to test your knowledge.

This hunt is a B.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) One person from each team will download the app we provide onto their mobile phone.

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Searching for a fun way to hold a charitable event that involves more than simply assembling care packages? A charity scavenger hunts can be both fun and give back by including simple acts of kindness that your teams can complete doing physical and mental challenges, collecting items all while they learn about their charity of choice and the impact of their donation.


The Bear Necessities – Teams will create multiple bears along the way by collecting pieces, stuffing, costumes and points and when they return, bears will be assembled and donated to local children in need.

Gimme Shelter – Teams earn points by solving puzzles to collect coins at staffed challenge locations along the way. The coins are redeemed at the end for homeless care kit items that are donated after the event to a local shelter and a winning team is announced. Truly a win-win event.

Food Pantry – Teams travel from location to location and work together to solve clues and collect tokens for food items for your care packages. One winning team will be declared but the real winners are those in the community through the food banks that receive the food donation.

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Mystery, intrigue and adventure – that's what you get with our GoTek Spy Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the mystery of who killed Agent Kelly. Using tablets that we provide for you, teams will be tasked with answering questions and deciphering codes in order to receive a series of clues that will ultimately lead them to the answers they seek. Secret Agents, hit men, and informants can be found at three area-specific locations to help or hinder the team's progress. This high-tech hunt is a game of espionage that will require cunning, strategy, teamwork and boldness of heart.

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Explore, learn, compete – a high-tech, interactive team building scavenger hunt that allows your team to explore an iconic museum.

Discover hidden facts and amazing artifacts, whilst completing engaging photo and video challenges at some of the world’s leading museums. Armed with a smartphone as your guide (or we can provide iPads), this is a team event with an interactive twist as you work together to navigate around the museum; answer questions, complete tasks, and tap into your most creative side to complete photo and video challenges to earn your team valuable points

You select the museum, art gallery, aquarium, or zoo (anywhere in North America) and we’ll write and run a unique and interactive hunt for your team. This hunt is great for all ages as your group works in teams to explore the world and discover each others’ strengths and skills.


Our high tech iPad and smartphone scavenger hunt is a team building program with a conventional twist.

TeamBonding will manage your team building scavenger hunt through an app with a dedicated and experienced team of corporate event planners, who will arrange all aspects of your team event. They will work with your chosen venue or location, prepare your chosen event theme, and then coordinate the event on the day to ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish!

Your local facilitator (and event staff) will be on hand to deliver an uplifting briefing, offer guidance, support (but no clues!) and after the event provides an eagerly anticipated – and often hilarious – wrap-up presentation.


Receive instant feedback on your answers, live messages from facilitator and status updates from the teams!

You’ll get bonus challenges when you reach certain point thresholds, timed questions, a live scoreboard and more curveballs than you can throw a… well, a curveball at!

GoTek Event Locations

TeamBonding delivers events all across the USA and Canada to service your employee engagement and team building requirements We can create custom scavenger hunt app events for you in any location be it on the streets, in hotels, venues, museums, resorts, stadiums or shopping malls.

Our App. Our iPads or Your Smartphones. Choose Your Best Hunt!


Perhaps you’ll embark on your own Amazing Race and attempt photo challenges and three location specific challenges; or maybe you’ll take part in the Mad Dash, where you’ll tackle intruiging photo and trivia challenges! Best yet, our fully immersive City Explorer challenge will leave your team with exciting video, photo and trivia challenges, all while using cutting edge technology built on Image Recognition and GPS.

x marks the spot!


Chat with one of our event experts to pick the perfect scavenger hunt for your group! You’ll have an unforgettable event, guaranteed.


Group Size

20 - 5000

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Space Requirement

One of the coolest benefits of this event is it can be run anywhere in the world, and even in multiple locations at the same time! This is perfect for companies with offices spread out across the country or even around the world. Wherever people are participating, we recommend you finish at a bar/restaurant for drinks, post-race storytelling and winner recognition.

Ideal For

Our Mobile Adventures app is the smartest of the smart events app on the market, making it ideal for:

  • Team Away Days
  • Training & Development
  • Company social events
  • Conference breakout activities
  • Location-based games with a difference that can last a day, week, month or year
  • Fully customized events
  • or a standard ‘off-the-shelf solution’

We can personalize your GoTek with content to fulfill any objective, whether it’s through images, questions or challenges. Do you want fun and crazy?  No problem – we are a creative team with ideas to match! Or maybe you want something more serious with measurable team outcomes? Consider it done through our sophisticated in-app feedback module. Oh, and we can wrap it all up in your brand identity to make this the most personalized event you have ever been on.

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