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Every week across the United States some establishment is having their weekly trivia night. With this comes laughs and fun competition. Interesting categories such as music, movies and history keep all the participants involved and create a strategic game environment.

Trivia programs within the corporate environment create a fun and engaging atmosphere. It does not matter what position you occupy in your company, during trivia you are all on the same platform trying to take the win.

Within an organization, many employees might not even know the person in the cubicle next to them. Icebreakers are the best ways to avoid awkwardness and get to know each other a lot better. One way to help employees get to know more about each other is to play fun team building games that reveal aspects about your team members’ personal lives that normally would not come up during workplace chaos. Employees could come up with trivia questions based on each worker, that way bonds can become tighter.

fun team building trivia

Fun Team Building Games From

ABC, This is Me

A way to both get to know more about fellow employees and what they believe are their most outstanding characteristics is to play a game using their names as the foundation of the exercise. Each employee should write their name vertically on a sheet of paper and then list one word horizontally that starts with each letter of their name and describes something about them. According to “Business Training Works,” this fun ice breaker can be enhanced by having the employees also draw a picture to illustrate each word.


Similar to the childhood game of “Telephone,” this ice breaking activity can help employees develop their communication skills while getting to know each other in a fun way. Employees should form a line, either standing or sitting, and the first person in line should whisper a sentence into the ear of the next in line. Each person follows suit until the last person receives the message. The interesting aspect of the games lies in how differently the story may have ended compared to how it began.

Get Out Of The Office And Into The Game

When it comes to fun trivia games, we take a fun approach to involving your entire group with You’re In The Game. Picture a giant game board with team members laughing, joking and bonding.

fun team building games

The game trivia includes wide variety of interesting topics to keep everyone engaged. We welcome any challenges to the table and guarantee a result that will bring great memories to everyone involved.

What is your favorite fun team building game?

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One Response

  1. Nancy Rountree says:

    Spaghetti and Marshmallows

    Divide group into teams of 3-5.
    Round #1 — Each group is given the same set of materials. Each team is tasked to build the longest suspension bridge. Timer is set for 20 minutes.
    Materials distributed: about 1/2 lb of spaghetti per team, about 30 marshmallows

    Round #2 — Each group is given different amounts of materials…. goal is to see which team can make the TALLEST structure .. This time each team is told they each have different quantities of materials — we want them to collaborate and barter for materials they need. Timer is set for 20 minutes. Teams show their engineering skills to the rest of the teams.
    Materials distributed: spaghetti, marshmallows, plain copy paper, paper clips, tape, string

    I have placed these materials in brown lunch bags ahead of time…Facilitator and “judges” watch team dynamics and then help with debrief after all teams have presented Round 2.

    Have fun and laugh!

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