It was just about two weeks ago now that Stephanie and I made our way to our neighbors of the North and attended the ADMEI 2013 Conference and I have to tell you – we are still Mad For Montreal!

From start to finish, ADMEI 2013 was the experience of a lifetime! Highlights for us range from leading the Eight Cold Girls to victory in the scavenger hunt on Thursday afternoon to chatting with our fellow Bostonians at Corinthian during cocktail hour and introducing David Adler and Bent Hadler during Friday’s Plan-a-thon session! Having lunch with David and some friends on the final day of the conference was also quite a treat – the conversations we shared (and the chicken!) will not be forgotten!

karen-and-stephanie-admeiSince we returned from our stay at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal, Stephanie and I have had the office abuzz with talk of the great friends we made and memories and knowledge we shared during our weekend with the world’s top DMCs! On Monday morning, we came walking in with our gold medals from Thursday’s scavenger hunt around our necks and ADMEI bags in our hands – and we haven’t taken them off since!!

While at ADMEI, we also had the opportunity to see history be made, as Grant Snider of JPdL passed the presidency baton onto Liz Keyser of PRA for the upcoming year – to be in the room as the members of ADME officially voted Liz in as President was a true honor!

Having the chance to Play Our Cards Right with fellow attendees and give away some TeamBonding Bucks just added to an already great experience. It isn’t often that we get to give away money with our faces on it – and to have that money be worth $1,000 isn’t too shabby! If only I had that kind of luck when I was playing the slots in Vegas…

Now that we have settled back into our offices in Boston, Stephanie and I are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in the coming year to continue to work with and learn from our DMC colleagues – both old and new! We’re also anxiously awaiting word for where next year’s conference will be held – our TeamBonding playing cards are packed and our tickets are just waiting to be booked!

In the meantime, check out our free guide to team building including some sure fire exercises you can explore on your own. And please do stay in touch.

Until next time, ADMEI! Thanks for the memories!


Karen Craig

Team Contributor


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