1Now that many companies have gone remote, it’s time to start thinking about holiday cheer in the virtual world. Yes, we’re talking about virtual Christmas, virtual holiday parties, and all sorts of virtual holiday party games to celebrate the season and all the hard work your team has put in this year. 

Wondering how you can throw a virtual work party? We’ve covered how to keep up team morale virtually with happy hours and other games — but now we’re rounding up the best virtual holiday party ideas to make this season extra special. Take a look below at some of our favorite virtual office holiday party ideas for this season.

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for the Workplace

Virtual Holiday Bingo

Put a festive spin on this classic game by creating holiday-themed bingo. It’s easy to make custom bingo cards for your whole team with free online generators, and they can be a fun addition to a holiday gift package.

OR if you want to have a fully-hosted, customized holiday bingo, we can do the work for you! Bingo is one of the favorites for those looking for a virtual holiday party idea and there is a reason for that. Bingo is an easy, great way to get everyone involved, encourage friendly competition, and increase morale. Holiday Bingo isn’t just strictly Christmas either, it gives team members the opportunity to learn more about all different holidays their coworkers might be celebrating outside the office. 

Surprises and Treats

The holidays are a great time to remind your team that you appreciate their hard work. Send a small gift or treat to your colleagues as a way to say thank you. You can’t go wrong with perennial favorites like a coffee shop or bookshop gift cards.

Be sure to check out our DIY store for kits and more that could make the perfect gift for your team members.


Virtual Secret Santa

This holiday tradition gets everyone in on the gift-giving spirit. First, secretly assign everyone on your team another member of the team that they’ll be getting a gift. Make sure everyone mails their gift to the designated recipient in time for the holidays (You can help them out by paying for shipping costs). Then, designate some time at the holiday party for everyone to discover who their Secret Santa was, open their gifts, and show off what their coworkers got them.

Host a Virtual Holiday Party with an Activity

Virtual Holiday-Themed Happy Hour

It’s cold outside, so warm up with some homemade cocktails. Spend some time catching up with coworkers while mixing up the best holiday-themed drinks under the supervision of a talented mixology expert. We’ll send you all the ingredients you’ll need to shake and stir your way to a good time.

Virtual Gingerbread House Hunters

In this event, teams have 45 minutes to carefully construct their gingerbread masterpieces and present them to our judges before they decide on the top three properties and, ultimately, one winner. The person with the most votes will be the winner, but everyone else will still get to enjoy the sweet reward of eating their hard work!
This virtual holiday party idea is also a great way to get your team’s families involved if they want to join in the fun. We already know kids won’t be able to stay away from snagging a quick treat!

Quickfire Festive

‘Unwrap’ round after round of interactive fun with this festive virtual holiday party activity. Using app-based gameplay, your team competes in a selection of festive mental, creative, and active challenges that encourage effective communication between team members. The goal? Have the most challenges completed to gain more points and out-perform the other teams to win.

Amazing Race Around the World – Festive Edition

In this activity, learn how different countries celebrate all around the world. Your team’s mission is to deliver as many presents as possible to the six different continents before time runs out. But beware, in order to keep Santa’s sleigh in flight, the reindeer need to be fed. Complete challenges to earn carrots in order to keep the reindeer going. Will your team be the first to the finish line of North America?

Project Sleigh

In this new holiday activity, Santa has been building a 21st-century sleigh. But, Christmas Eve is tomorrow and it still isn’t ready. In this Christmas escape game, he needs your help to finish the sleigh or millions of children will go without presents. Can your team save Christmas?

Virtual Holiday Dress-up

Everyone gather ‘round the Zoom meeting, it’s time to show off your fashion sense! Invite your team to show off their best ugly sweaters, dress up in costume as their favorite holiday characters, or create homemade holiday t-shirts. You can even turn it into a contest and award small prizes to the winner.

This virtual office party idea is an easy way to get people out of their shells and get them laughing. And if you don’t want to dress up yourself, dress up a pet. That would be a sure winner, who doesn’t love a dog in a Santa hat?

And just because things may not be completely back to “normal” doesn’t mean a virtual holiday party has to be any less festive. For more ideas on how to boost team morale during every season of the year, check out these other virtual team building activity ideas:

Looking for more? We’ve got a whole sleigh full of virtual holiday party ideas and virtual holiday party ideas here. Contact us to customize your holiday event!

Anna Webber

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