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By: Molly Chronister|December 21, 2015| Save This Idea


Gift giving is one of the best feelings, especially when thought is put into the act. Consider these categories of gifts to give to your coworkers and boss this holiday season. 

What gift buying route are you taking this holiday season?


Anything food related is always a good idea. Chocolates or Edible Arrangements are perfect examples. These are gifts to take home and share with families so you can’t really go wrong with these choices. Just make sure you’re aware of potential food allergies before you make any purchases. Fine coffees and teas also make for great coworker gifts. What better gift to give than caffeine?!


A personalized gift is a nice gesture and a great option because it will be so unique. It will show that you put some thought into what you purchased. Personalize practical items such as cups or mugs, travel accessories like luggage tags or even a business card holder are great ideas for a coworker gift.



Office accessories are a great idea because there’s a never ending need for better organization and interesting decor at a desk. Try finding statement desk toppers that will spark conversations for the people you buy for. Paper weights, stationary sets and even writing utensil holders all make for useful coworker gifts.

Hobby Related

These are the perfect gifts to buy if you have a good understanding of what your coworker or boss does with their spare time, out of work. You can opt for gifts relating to and ranging anywhere from sports to a favorite alcoholic beverage. Movie and concert tickets are ideal, too!


Show your creativity here with a do-it-yourself gift. Pick any theme and make a gift basket. Throw together a basket for foodies, gardeners, book readers, outdoors lovers, or movie buffs. The list is endless so just choose a topic and go from there. These baskets show you’ve put time and care into your gift.

Gift giving can be nerve-wracking but, don’t let it get to you this year. One of these ideas will be sure to win your gift recipient over!

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