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Arrow Tag

Team-Friendly Combat Archery Sport

Program Overview

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Arrow Tag is an exciting new adventure team building activity which combines the intensity and excitement of dodgeball and paintball while using the skill-set of archery.

Using soft foam-tipped arrows, they leave no bruising or marks, making it fun and safe. Like laser tag – it is safe, mess-free and can be played indoors or outdoors! Before the combat archery tag game begins, all players are shown how to shoot and have time to practice loading, aiming, power and movement. Once everyone has a good grasp of the skill and depending on the number and size of your teams, the adventure team building activity is played in rounds of challenges. At the end of each event and each round, team’s scores are tallied and sub-totaled. The team with the highest score at the end of the competition is the champion.

TeamBonding’s combat archery tag activity includes all safe archery equipment, multiple game formats and it combines some of the same strategies, skills, and teamwork of paintball and laser tag.


Group Size

8 - 40

Time Needed

1 - 2 hours

Space Requirement

Let’s start with where can you do this:  It can be done outdoors, in any weather.  It can also be done indoors and we recommend a gym, warehouse, an indoor recreation center in your town.  For a group of 20, we’d need about 1,800 sq. ft of space and for a group of 10, we need about half that.

Ideal For
  • Involves intricate teamwork
  • Friendly competition
  • It establishes clear but difficult goals
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Performance & Continuous Improvement

Possible themes or add-ons:

  • Capture the flag (more active)
  • Target practice (less active)
  • Points-based competition

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