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This song is great because it has incredible lyrics, and Dave Matthews sings the chorus. Those factors alone are a killer combination to make one really awesome song!

“Work It Out” by Jurassic 5

“Work It Out” came out in 2006 and was a big hit among fans of hip-hop. The collaboration with Dave Matthews also reached a totally new audience and the song became popular quickly. We love the lyrics because they’re all about working out your problems by starting with yourself. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy without even realizing it. Take a look in the mirror and change your perspective:

A don’t stop, stop your dreamin’
Let yourself float upon the notion
We can work it out, we gon’ work it out, baby
Go ahead lose yourself inside this opportunity
That we gonna make it right now, make it right now

Now if you know what I know you need to work it out
If you ain’t happy with yourself you need to work it out
You havin’ problems with your family then work it
The things we go through just to work it
I work it out when the situation seems unworkable

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