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By: Madeline Tormey|September 19, 2014| Save This Idea


Satisfy your hunger this summer during TeamBonding’s tastiest culinary team building event! Bring some fun to your next company retreat and you’ll have your team walking away full of ideas…and pizza!
culinary team building

During the Ultimate Pizza Challenge by TeamBonding, your group will breakout into teams where they will compete to build and bake the best pizza that they can. Before the pizza construction begins, teams will participate in an interactive and engaging game of pizza trivia. How familiar are you with Italian cuisine? Try culinary team building activities and find out!

Winners of the trivia will be rewarded with extra points that they can use at the ‘market’, where they can gather all the ingredients necessary for building their unique pizza masterpiece.

While the pizza is in the oven:

  • Teams will name their pizza and work on creating a logo that will adorn their pizza box. Creativity and originality are as important as artistic execution.
  • Teams will then create a 30-second commercial.
  • Teams must present their new pizza  creation to our panel of judges and perform their pizza commercial.
  • One team will be recognized as the “Pizza Making Champions”.
  • All participants will be ‘winners’ as they enjoy tasting all of the pizza masterpieces during the awards ceremony!culinary team building

Looking for an event that will have your team working together, communicating and problem solving? The Ultimate Pizza Challenge is an ideal culinary team building program for groups looking to strengthen corporate relationships while having fun!


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