Effective Communication in the Workplace for the Win

We learn early in our lives that it’s better to win, and in order to win, we need to be competitive.

Although this attitude works well in sports, games and personal careers, it can hinder teamwork.

Too much competition can cause team members to constantly try to outdo each other, which can cause added stress, jealousy, and conflict. However, just the right amount of competition can boost creativity and foster effective communication in the workplace. Plus, it can motivate team members to improve their jobs.

Competition Will Serve You Well

Organizational commitment and trust are fluid processes created through symbolic interaction with organizational team members. Interaction with these team members, over time, influences commitment to the organization. Healthy competition can facilitate these interactions, plus a little rivalry can make mundane work much more fun.

According to sited research about 25% of people are unaffected by competition, 25% wilt in a competitive environment, and 50% benefit greatly from competition. In order for competition to boost performance, contestants must be close, meaning that team members must feel that they have an opportunity to excel.

effective communication in the workplace

Put simply: those who are not challenged tend to coast; those who see no chance to compete tend to give up. Competition not only boosts effective communication in the workplace, but it can also help kick-off a new sense of urgency with team members focusing on making real progress each day.

Competition Boosts Communication

Through competition, workers learn the value of communication and helping someone else, both of which have an impact on areas of work like customer service.

There are many benefits to effective communication in the workplace. Good business communication is simple and easily understood, a rule often overlooked by managers and team members.

Get Started With In It To Win It


In It To Win It is one of TeamBonding’s original and most popular corporate team building events based on the popular TV show – Minute to Win It. With 60 seconds on the clock, the pressure builds, and team pride is on the line! In It To Win It is a great way to:

  • Boost morale & team spirit.
  • Encourage healthy competition and teamwork.
  • Strengthen teamwork & positive relationships.
  • Increase team interaction.
  • Foster resourcefulness and quick thinking.

This game show team building program can be customized to include games unique to your organization or access to our vault of games, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

How has competition helped your team? What tactics have you used to boost effective communication in the workplace?

Anna Webber

Team Contributor


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