COVID-19 has forced companies across the country to adopt new ways of working. Many of those processes and structures may be worth keeping for the long haul—and not purely for the sake of employees’ health and safety.

This spring’s mass transition to remote work proved that you don’t need the whole team in the same office to do great work. As lockdowns ease up, lots of companies have shifted into hybrid organizations, protecting their teams’ health and reimagining the office along the way.

In a period of uncertainty and change—in the office and around the world—workplace connections are essential. Team-building hybrid events ensure that all employees, both remote and on-site, feel a sense of camaraderie as you make the transition into a hybrid organization.

What’s it like to work at a hybrid organization?

On a hybrid team, some members work from a single workplace while others work from, well, pretty much anywhere. A hybrid organization has the promise of offering the best of both worlds—flexibility and face time in equal measure—but it also brings challenges you won’t encounter on a team that’s entirely co-located or entirely remote. Informal collaboration in the office may lead to growth opportunities, and there can be a disconnect between onsite and virtual employees. Creating a level playing field may feel daunting, but it’s hardly impossible.

Strengthen your team’s bond with fun and simple hybrid events

Team building is of the utmost importance no matter your company’s size or structure, but it’s particularly critical for hybrid organizations, which essentially involve two distinct work experiences with their own communication methods. Thanks to TeamBonding’s diverse offerings for hybrid events, connecting your in-person and remote employees is easier, and more enjoyable, than ever. Here are five of our favorite team-building activities for hybrid organizations.

1. Hybrid Murder Mystery Dinnerlineup of suspects

Invite your hybrid organization’s employees to an evening of dinner and mystery, all over Zoom, of course. After a virtual cocktail hour featuring live music and an outlandish cast of characters, your team will get a chance to solve a murder mystery about your company. Custom clues will challenge employees across all teams to tap into their well of knowledge about your hybrid organization. Since true collaboration is required to crack the case, this entertaining show will lay the groundwork for solid teamwork long after the mystery has been solved.

2. Hybrid Team Painting

Our Team Painting experience for hybrid organizations is proof that individual contributions can become something more through true collaboration. Using innovative technology, Team Painting connects your team’s individual creations into one whole masterpiece. It’s as powerful as it is simple, so the entire team can get in on the painting experience, from creative to operations and everyone in between. There are plenty of ways to keep the fun going once the painting is over—participants can exchange feedback and share their pieces on a virtual whiteboard, which just might inspire your next company mural.

3. Hybrid Happy Hour

After-work drinks are a little more complicated when everyone isn’t in the same office, but our Hybrid Happy Hour & Mixology event has you covered. It’s the perfect blend of work and pleasure, with a flexible format that’s ideal for hybrid teams. Expect to learn a thing or two about synergy from TeamBonding’s expert mixologist.

4. Survey Says

Finally—an engaging way to re-enforce company policies and procedures. Survey Says, one of our most popular game show formats for hybrid organizations, is the team-building version of Family Feud. Testing your employees’ knowledge of their coworkers and company culture, Survey Says will help with some of the most common relationship-building challenges that hybrid organizations face.

5. Ice Cream Social

Our ice cream social program brings the sweetness of homemade ice cream right to your doorstep with specially curated ice cream making kits. Each kit is packed with all the essentials you need to create your very own delightful ice cream float. Under the guidance of our expert, you’ll embark on a journey of ice cream creation, learning step-by-step instructions to craft unique homemade ice cream flavors. Unleash your imagination and experiment with tantalizing combinations that will thrill your taste buds.

Discover the perfect team-building activity for your hybrid organization.

In the midst of so much transformation both in and outside of the office, a sense of connection in the workplace is more critical than ever. Learn how TeamBonding can create unique hybrid activities tailored to your organization’s needs.

Anna Webber

Team Contributor


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