Team Huddle Ideas To Increase Remote Team Engagement

Remote workers need to feel connected to one another as much as an “IRL” team in an office environment. The trick is figuring out team huddle ideas that bridge physical gaps. Whether your team went remote recently due to COVID-19 restrictions or are permanently remote, a sense of bonding and community is essential to productivity. It also builds friendships, and many remote team members look forward to team huddles as a time to check-in and connect.

Bridge the Physical Gap

There are tons of channels to engage remote teams, ranging from Slack to daily emails to team games like crosswords. Another way to improve remote teams is through TeamBonding’s Remote Team Building page. Ranging from goal-specific professional development to customizable virtual games each of Teambondings’ virtual programs has been created to improve remote teams’ engagement, communication, and productivity.

Best Team Huddle Ideas

  • Start with a friendly check-in

Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, this step allows you to pause for a moment and check in on your team’s well being. It also builds trusting and healthy relationships, and a team that gets along well is often more productive. You can try weaving in a Haka Class, the famous pre-match ritual of the All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team.  Sessions can be as short as 25 minutes and they’re designed for connecting teams to organizational values and adding a memorable element to a virtual conference or team huddle.

  • Keep the energy high

Team huddles should feel like a much-needed break from the solitary, sedentary nature of working from home. Maybe once a week your daily huddle can be a high energy virtual event such as Escape the Virtual Mob or Game Show Feud Online to get your remote team engaged and excited.

  • Set up a long-term challenge

Similar to the high-energy team huddle idea above, you can incorporate a30-day wellness challenge, and use a few minutes of your daily team huddle to check in on progress. The 30-day challenge can be tailored to any goal you want your team members to achieve, from push-ups to purchase orders.

  • Huddle for Happy Hour

You probably wouldn’t do this daily, but reimagining a team huddle as a check-in over cocktails is another idea for strengthening social ties. We realize you can’t go for drinks after work right now, but having a virtual happy hour together hosted by our world-class mixologist by video chat can help fill that void. Our Virtual Happy Hour & Mixology is professionally facilitated and can be a one-off special occasion or a weekly (or bi-weekly) recurring event.


Remember the daily team huddle is an important social and work tool. Many teams have transitioned to working remote very quickly, and maintaining company culture can be challenging in the virtual space.

Luckily, we’ve created many ways to engage and develop new connections with your remote team. If you’re looking to increase remote team engagement, and boost your next team huddles, visit our website and contact us today!

Plays well with these activities...

Haka Team Building Online

Group Size: 25 - 1000
Time: 25 - 60 min.

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Virtual Survey Says

Group Size: 10 – 120
Time: 1 hour - 1.5 hours

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