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Prepare for an electrifying experience as our dynamic game show host emulates the excitement of the classic TV favorite. In Virtual Survey Says, teams engage in thrilling face-offs, each lasting around 15 minutes. As the momentum builds, we seamlessly rotate in new teams to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate and showcase their skills.

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Why this event?

Based on the popular “Family Feud” game show, this version of Survey Says is a virtual, competitive, team building event. With the high-spirited fun and the excitement of a live game show, this online survey game and competition will put remote individuals into teams to play against one another. With great screen views, music, and clear instructions, we make you ready to play.

This virtual corporate trivia program is by far one of our most popular game show formats that we present. In Virtual Survey Says, teams can play with 5 to 10 people per team. Teams are rotated through multiple questions to maximize the number of people that get to play. There are opportunities for teams to steal and take over the action, and always plenty of laughter as guesses are made.

We find one winning team with a “championship round” at the end or it can be determined by the highest score.

With larger group sizes, we love all teams to compete at the same time, and scoring each answer, we will find the top two teams to compete in a final head to head round.

A sure-fine winner, Virtual Survey Says online survey game works extremely well during a weekly meeting, an online happy hour, a tournament between departments, or any reason to a enjoy a collaborative laugh together.

Team size
  • 10 – 120
Time needed
  • 1 hour - 1.5 hours
Space requirement

We primarily deliver this program through zoom, or we can use another platform of your choice.

Ideal for
  • Competition
  • Networking
  • Laugh & Learn
  • Share an interactive and engaging group experience
  • Build camaraderie and trust

We have produced thousands of Survey Says game shows using a library of the most popular survey questions which we are continually updating.. Survey questions are displayed using a professional “Feud” style software application and our hosts are witty, fast and focus on great interaction.


Sample of a holiday party question for our online survey game:

Name a drink that might be served at a holiday party.
71 – Eggnog
08 – Punch
08 – Cider/Hot Apple Cider
03 – Wine
02 – Wassail
02 – Coffee

Game Show Options

If you loved Virtual Survey Says, and want to play the next great Game Show, THIS IS IT!!

Crowd Says

Do you know what the CROWD SAYS??

Teams work together to brainstorm the answers to fun fill-in-the-blank survey questions. You will be sent to a breakout room to come up with your selections. After 75 seconds you will return to the main conference and see how your team did against the board. Our ENGAGING host will INTERACT with the participants to get some of their best answers. Teams then earn points based upon how many answers they match. A FUN, LIVE one question finale between the Top 2 teams will take place to end the call with ENERGY and a CHAMPIONSHIP!

Group size: 10 – 500
Time needed: 60-90 minutes max
Space Requirement: This event is facilitated using Zoom. We can work with other video platforms as long as we have the ability to share the screen, have breakout rooms for groups over 25, and the chat feature enabled.
Ideal for: If you loved Survey Says and want the next great Game Show THIS IS IT!!
Tailoring: TeamBonding can supply all survey questions based on what we know works well. If you have 2-3 company questions to add to the mix that’s great!

Virtual Family Feud for Team Building FAQ

Who is a good candidate for this event?

Virtual Survey Says is great for teams looking to have high energy fun while getting to know each other better. Whether your team is 10 or 120 people, this virtual Family Feud team building experience will connect your team in an engaging and memorable way.

What are the differences/similarities between the virtual event and in person format?

Being that it’s the most popular game show we present, our Survey Says virtual game is just as fun as our in person option. The live version uses a large screen and podiums with buzzers to create incredible gameplay, and is always led by one of our talented game show hosts. For this online survey game, we use the same hosts but have them share their screen through a Zoom meeting while participants play along both in breakout rooms and in the main room. When you have a mix of both, we can present a hybrid version featuring a live host working together with a virtual one as they lead your entire team through the game, regardless of where you are located.

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