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Emotional Intelligence For Teams

Boost your employees’ IQ with EQ

Program Overview

The rules for work are changing. Outstanding business leaders are not just defined by their IQs or even their job skills, but by their Emotional Intelligence (EI); a set of competencies that distinguishes how people manage feelings, interact, and communicate. In fact, analysis done of 500 corporations concludes that EI is the barometer of excellence on virtually any job. An extraordinary amount of research that shows how successfully handling emotions contribute to almost every aspect of business success, in areas as far ranging as customer loyalty, influence, leadership, and employee retention.

This lively and informative workshop will examine key personal EI competencies as well as critical EI relationship skills for success. As Daniel Goleman says, “Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness – knowing what we’re feeling and why we’re feeling it. It’s self-management. It also involves empathy – being tuned into other people – and social skills.” Your team will learn practical ways to develop such intrapersonal skills as self-awareness, self-regulation, flexibility and resiliency, and interpersonal skills such as empathy, building rapport, and persuading others.

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence (EQ) can keep growing – it continues to develop with life experiences. However, it does need to be practiced in order to grow. Emotional Intelligence for Teams will provide you with the practical guidance and all the tools you need to optimize your team’s Emotional Intelligence and unleash their hidden potential.

The Emotional Intelligence for Teams program is experiential, engaging and fun.  You won’t be sitting through a boring lecture!  This day is packed with learning and fun and each participant receives a copy of  Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and completes a personal emotional intelligence assessment.


Group Size

10 - 40+

Time Needed

1/2 day - 2 day program

Ideal For

This program is for teams who are committed to continually learning and improving.   Ask about our Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Leaders.


The Emotional Intelligence For Teams program expert and trainer will speak with you before your training to discuss your goals and determine the most effective training activities for your group. The program is half- or full-day program if you have additional learning objectives.  This is also a great program to pair with an afternoon fun team building event to reinforce the learning. We also recommend scheduling a follow-up session or quarterly training to build on the foundation of the Emotional Intelligence For Teams program. 

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