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New York City

Explore thousands of potential venues and many opportunities to culturally immerse
your next team building event. Customize a scavenger hunt to explore the
creative side of New York City or take advantageof penthouses, parlors and galleries
throughout the Big Apple.

Some of our Favorite Programs to do near New York City:

New Jersey

New Jersey has many locations to host incredible team building events, including Abbott Farm, the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, and the Liberty Science Center. Local facilitators have delivered almost all of our 80+ programs, from shore to shore. And the founder of TeamBonding grew up in South Jersey too, and has a special love for the area.

Some of our Favorite Programs to do near New Jersey:

Washington, DC

With the National Mall, the Smithsonian, the National Gallery and so many more wonderful locations for team building events and activities, our facilitators in DC have been busy in recent years!

Some of our Favorite Programs to do near Washington, DC:


Philadelphia is known for its arts and culture. Picture this. Enjoy a half day exploring the Franklin Institute or the Philadelphia Museum of Art  on our GoTek Museum Scaventure. You and your teammates solve a series of challenging brain teasers and work your way to the big payoff! The day is full of twists and turns, brimming with intrigue and friendly competition.

Some of our Favorite Programs to do near Philadelphia:


The Baltimore Area is known for health and science. Almost a quarter of the jobs in the Baltimore-region are science, technology, engineering and math positions. That makes for some innovative team building events.

Some of our Favorite Programs to do near Baltimore: