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Here at TeamBonding, our goal is to bring your team together through fun and unique activities. Learn some more about our featured programs!

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Take a Ride on the Do Good Bus

This event will be sure to make a lasting impression on everyone involved! (more…)

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Do Something Cool & Sculpt Ice

Try something out of the ordinary with this ice sculpting challenge. (more…)

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Bonding with the Blues

Bring your Wayfarer sunglasses and fedora to look the part at this musical team building experience. (more…)

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You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It too

Can your team work together to create the most delectable dessert and please a panel of judges? (more…)

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Team Building with School for Spies

School for Spies is one of our most popular team building programs. The nation’s most prestigious espionage academy will hold its annual graduation. Everyone attending has spent numerous years to become part of an elite group that gets the best assignments.

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Dining in the Dark

Can you imagine eating a meal blindfolded? (more…)

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Day at the Museum

You select the museum, aquarium, gallery or zoo, we’ll provide the scavenger hunt! (more…)

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Get With The Program | We’re Going Virtual

At TeamBonding, we emphasize the importance of communication at work. In today’s workforce, virtual communication has changed the way that we interact with one another. (more…)

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Team Building with a Mysterious Twist

Does your team have what it takes to uncover the corporate mystery of the year? (more…)

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Hurry the Clock is Ticking and You’ve Gotta be in It to Win It

A sure-fire winner, In It to Win It works as both a complementary event to a company dinner or meeting, or as a stand-alone event for competition team building fun! (more…)

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Foster Hunger & Foster Creativity

Satisfy your hunger this summer during TeamBonding’s tastiest culinary team building event! Bring some fun to your next company retreat and you’ll have your team walking away full of ideas…and pizza! (more…)

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Team Building with Game Show Mania

You and your team will have the chance to experience what it’s like to be on a real TV game show. (more…)

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Breaking All Barriers

This unique corporate training program will motivate your team to break through some of the most difficult barriers! (more…)

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The Most Delicious Summer Programs

What could be better than bonding with your team over a new ice cream flavor or some homemade New England chowdah? These programs are the the perfect mix of fun and competition for a summer day. (more…)

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Boat Building Equals Team Building

The perfect way to cool down this summer: Build a Boat! (more…)

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Hot & Spicy Team Building with TeamCuisine

Celebrate and eat your way through Cinco de Mayo with your company this year. It’s a combination of team building with food! We’ll give our TeamCuisine program a Mexican twist for a festive day of team building.

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Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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Web 2.0 at Work | How Social Media can Benefit Your Workplace

Looking back on the week, how many of you answered our Wordless Wednesday survey on social media in the workplace? Oh come on, you mean to tell me you didn’t take one 15 minute mental break to check a blog, update your status on Facebook, or log onto Twitter? (more…)

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Culinary Team Building Programs That will Knock You Off Your Feet

You may have already known this, but at TeamBonding, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Not only do we want you to be pleased with the current programs we have to offer to your team, but we’re always innovating and mashing up ideas to do more.

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