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By: Jillian Sheedy|August 2, 2013| Save This Idea


There are several things in life that are just better combined together.

For example:

charity team building

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly –  together on 2 slices of bread = heaven
  • Pugs and Beagles – The Puggle is undoubtedly one of the cutest dogs ever. Our CEO, David, would certainly agree with this as his family has a Puggle of their very own, Tucker.
  • North & West – if you’re Kim Kardashian and Kanye West you may think this combination is great enough to name your child after it.
  • A combination of TeamBonding’s charity team building events into one mega charity extravaganza.

Although we love all of our charity programs individually, put together in one event is just so much greatness bundled into one entity.

The Ultimate Charity Team Building Program

Newly released and recently launched, The Ultimate Charity Build is the perfect event to build relationships, boost Corporate Social Responsibility, and donate an abundance of goods to any number of deserving charities.

During this event, teams work together to create several different items incorporated from our other charity events.

charity team building programFor example, teams will be building Teddy Bears, an idea that was lifted from the event “Team Teddy Bear Rescue.” Stuffed teddy bears made during this event are typically donated to Hugs Across America – a charity which provides stuffed animals for first responders to give stressed and overwhelmed children at police or fire scenes.

Among the teddy bears are also bicycles and red wagons assembled from the ground up, along with the creation and piecing together of a fleece blanket.

All items created by your teams during this event will then be donated to fitting charities. In the past we have worked with the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Spokes for Hope, Hugs Across America, Blue Star Mothers, Angel Airborne Cadets, and many more. We are also able to collaborate with a charity of your choice.

The Ultimate Charity Build is an awesome program that will be marked as an inspiring day by all. Your team will enjoy each other’s company as relationships are built and charities are assisted.

Interested in booking an Ultimate Charity Build? Let us know by emailing our team!


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