Go Green Racing

Sustainability and teamwork all-in-one

This two-hour team building activity showcases the importance of recycling, alternative energy and green transportation. It also makes a contribution to the local community. Teams that can break up tasks effectively and think outside the box will excel in this fun and challenging event.

At the Go Green Racing program, teams will be tasked with creating solar cars from kits provided, and also building cars from materials used and thrown away everyday by millions of Americans. The solar cars will be put to the test and judged for performance, while the recycled cars will be built for speed! The event concludes with a round robin drag race tournament to determine which car is the fastest! Teams are racing against the clock to complete both cars and take home the checkered flag. Although many statistics regarding global warming and the environment forecast dire times in the future, there are many reasons to be optimistic. With a little help from each of us, we can change this predicament!

TeamBonding facilitators deliver a team building activity that showcases the importance of recycling, alternative energy, and green transportation. The goal of the event is to make a worthy donation to a local school. Although there will be a “winner” of the team building activity based on performance during the 2-hour program, the real winner is unveiled at the end of the activity when the group finds out that the solar cars, along with brand new solar car kits and a solar classroom curriculum will be donated to a local school.  These cars and new car kits will be used by the school to further emphasize the importance of energy conservation and alternative methods of transportation as well as foster creativity and innovation within the classroom!

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Group size

18 - 400

Time needed

2 - 2.5 hours

Space requirements

Indoors (ballroom, conference room) or outdoors (outdoor area with good sunlight is preferable).

“Go Green Racing event was a huge success.  The employees loved it and more importantly my very demanding client loved it as well.”

Verizon Foundation M.B.,Verizon Foundation

“The group did enjoy the program last week.  Everyone was engaged and fully participated.”

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