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By: Jillian Sheedy|July 25, 2013| Save This Idea


A team building success story by our event planning intern, Renee Beauregard

Team Building Success Story

TeamBonding’s Hair Razing Race is the perfect event to be held outside on a beautiful, sunny summer day.  Just this past week, during all that sun and a little too much heat, we had one of the biggest races ever!  A total of 253 participants joined together in the town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire for an amazing, “hair razing” event.

For this event, teams work together and complete a series of several different challenges in order to be the overall winners. Due to the vast number of participants, 26 separate teams were formed for this event. Once the teams were divided, they were off to the races, completing a long list of obstacles and challenges.

Some of the challenges included in this race were: “Act It Out”, “Oh Snap”, “Trivia”, “Get Reel”, “Run the Numbers”, and “Side by Side”. Each of these challenges focuses on a different aspect of teamwork.

For example, Act It Out is similar to the game of charades and involves communicating with your team through body language. In addition, Oh Snap is a speedy photo shoot that helps teams work together with efficiency and enthusiasm, while Trivia calls for teammate’s to put their heads together and answer a series of questions based on the event’s region, pop culture, and the client’s business.

team building success storyThe rotations for the event had been checked, double checked, and triple checked back in the office. Although everything seemed perfect, there was one detail that was beyond our control…. The heat. The weather forecast predicted the temperature for the day of the event to be over 90 degrees!

We were worried about the heat affecting the moral of the participants, so at the last minute we pulled together to provide water stations at each challenge.  The water was greatly appreciated and fortunately, the moral was not lost.

Both the event planner, Dana, and program lead, Bradley, received great feedback:

“Thank you again for being our go-to person at Team Bonding. You were so attentive, and helpful. The Hair Razing Scavenger Hunt ended up being a big hit with the employees. The icebreakers that Bradley presented to the group were really fun, and exciting. We really look forward to working with you, and your team again.” 

Another Hair Razing Race success!




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