Outrageous Team Building is the Best Way to Build Strong Bonds

Do you suspect that your office may be filled with hidden talents?

Or, have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your coworkers swap strategies to tackle some of the most OUTRAGEOUS, yet silly, challenges a team could face?

Or is that exactly it – you’re looking to turn your office into a team?

With a little humor, requiring a double dose of strategy and an absolute funny bone, Outrageous Games is exactly what the doctor ordered to liven up your quiet office. Imagine a day filled with bells, whistles, and ten wacky, wild, non-athletic relay races like this Soapbox Derby.

team bonding outrageous games

All games are designed to build team strength, facilitate communication and develop problem-solving skills using a challenge-by-choice model. Wrapping up the summer season, we could not think of a better time to reflect on our most popular summer outing program.

Hosted like something you might find on ESPN, this Olympic style series of challenges begins with an opening ceremony and ends with a closing where the top three teams are awarded with bronze, silver and shiny gold metals – nothing drives competition like the shine of an office medal, believe us!

Our polished Facilitators act as emcees and coaches to call play-by-plays and push your team further through each unique exercise. Even if you’re finishing in last place, expect an encouraging chant to carry you to the finish line.

When crossing that finish line for the tenth time, and standing united with your team – whether it be holding the gold or cheering for your fellow coworkers – you’re going to feel closer. It’s inevitable.

You will gain a better appreciation for strengths and have a better understanding of weaknesses, and a desire to bring the team morale back into the office with you. Not only will you gain this, but you will have had a lot of fun through, our favorite way to put it, the power of play!

How do you build strong bonds through the power of play in your workplace?

Kristin Pagnani

Team Contributor


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