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It’s simple, having fun at work through group activities and team building games leads to a great company culture.

It’s no secret that having a great company culture boosts productivity and has a major ROI from a financial standpoint. As workplace happiness pioneer Tony Hsieh put it;

“Happiness is a business model.”

Now more than ever, companies are going all out to to provide a wonderful experience for their workers. Ensuring that they’re happy, engaged, and having fun at work. Work-life integration is becoming common for companies of all sizes.

Companies are even investing in work tools that are “funner” to use. Being that over 80% of the United States’ workforce has admitted to feeling stressed over work, gamified apps for offices are taking over as the next big need for enterprises, as they’ll allow employees to get work done in an efficient manner while allowing them to enjoy themselves. Check out these examples of using gamification in business. Get inspired and try test it out at your workplace.

So it’s important to have fun at work, but to really understand this you have to truly dig a little deeper and find what goes into building a great company culture.

Your Work Honeymoon Should Never End

Have you ever thought back to the first day that you started your job?

fun at work begins on day 1It almost feels weird, you’re excited to be in this new environment, but feel anxious because you don’t know the atmosphere, yet. You’re meeting all these new interesting individuals, while learning the duties that will hopefully make you the next superstar employee. You’re scared to make mistakes and you’re getting so much information, it’s like trying to take a small sip out of a running fire hydrant.

At the end of the day you begin to tell your friends and family how great this new environment is and how you’re ready to take this workplace by storm.

That feeling of excitement should NEVER die out.

Unfortunately, after a while people feel burned out and this comes from lack of change and a “not too exciting” office atmosphere. Which basically means that the job has become too redundant (not challenging) and employees aren’t having fun.

This can be changed if a company were to mix things up every now and then. Give employees more autonomy, change up the seating arrangements to allow different people to collaborate or host an event outside of the office.

Whatever the case may be, find something that will allow for more collaboration and give employees the opportunity to have fun at work.

Create An Atmosphere That Embellishes Your Company Culture

Create the right office atmosphere for your business!

Honestly, I wouldn’t expect to walk into a law firm or government building and see the employees shooting Nerf guns at each other (although it would be pretty awesome) or having beer days (Fridays at my office!).

Every company has their own culture and it’s your company’s job to really make the most out of the atmosphere. Creating a strong atmosphere will allow you to collaborate easily and have fun with the people around you. Something as simple as switching from cubicles to open desk areas can be all the change your office needs to get the most out of its environment.

Become An Expert At Fun At Work

I’m sure you’ve heard of the company culture Mecca known as the Googleplex.

google fun at workWell did you know Google has revolutionized the Human Resource “People Operations” industry, by simply using data to find different ways to keep their employees happy?

It’s a bit complex, but if you know anyone within the tech industry they’ll be the first to tell you how important data is in terms of finding the solution towards problems. Well, you may not have the resources that a company like Google has, but there are new ways to find out how to create a better vibe within your office.

Tech companies have become pioneers in the “fun at work” field, as they’ve found there are plenty of benefits in having a strong company culture. They’ve come up with all sorts of crazy ideas to make their offices better; slides, pool tables, sports facilities, even nap stations. All they’ve really done is take time to learn about their employees and see what interests them.

So be sure to learn about your employees, for all you know something as simple as a scavenger hunt will boost the spirit in your office.

Are You Having Fun At Work?

How do you think having more fun influences company culture? Do you think group activities and team building games can boost productivity? Let us know in the comments below.


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4 Responses

  1. Henry says:

    If you were wasting time on this nonsense, our boss would replace you.
    It’s called “WORK” for a reason!

    • Jeff says:

      Hey Henry,

      I don’t know much about your current workplace or how things work for you. I completely respect your point of view.I will say flat out, that I that I disagree with your ideology and beliefs to what “work” is supposed to be.

      Yes, “Work” is work, but there’s no reason that you can’t have an outstanding culture that encourages creativity and allows you to recharge your batteries and be human. every now and then.

      A lot of us have been programmed since birth to believe that work is supposed to be a stressful process where we sit 9-5 and complete redundant task to get results (the exact term is called taylorism:

      There’s new workplace concepts and ideologies that prove to be more effective than that of old traditional models.

      I urge you to think differently about the whole concept of work (and the importance of having fun at your job). Remember, 5/7th’s of your adult life will be spent at work. So I can only hope you don’t look back at everything and just think “man, I didn’t enjoy myself enough and I spent too much time stressing at work”.

      I heard this in a speech and I couldn’t help but paraphrase it: As we get older up we’re supposed to believe the world is a certain way, that things are done a certain way and can’t never be changed. That’s absolutely false! Make sure to really see things from a different perspective — who knows you might come up with new methods.

      Lastly, I’ll sneak in one little joke: If your boss would replace me for having a bit of fun, I would probably be better off elsewhere :p

  2. Ruth Samuel says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I totally agree with you. Thank you for the wonderful input! Henry… You should rethink “WORK”

  3. Danielle says:

    I’ve always believed in this philosophy! I’ve experienced a Team Bonding event and they are great!
    Highly recommend them!

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