DaVinci’s Adventure

Which team can break the code?

Created for the spirited intellectual team, the DaVinci’s Adventure program will have you moving through the museum, clue to clue, in a race against your opponents to reach the secret treasure. Now, this 3 hour team builder has a life of its own as we have just delivered it in the 25th different museum (Phoenix Art Museum) in the last nine years.

DaVinci Adventure The DaVinci’s Adventure program started out as a rain alternative back in 2006 for MSNBC who couldn’t work in a rain date for a Central Park team builder they planned. The movie was a hit then so we quickly designed an event that brought them through the wonderful galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We even were able to find an exact replica of the “cryptex” from the movie which adds to the theme.  Now, this 3 hour team builder has a life of its own as we have just delivered it in the 15th different museum (Phoenix Art Museum) in the last seven years. Combining strategy, time management, communication skills and plain old art appreciation, the DaVinci’s Adventure program, makes your half day team meeting very special.

Teams use detailed maps while interacting with the museum pieces and artwork searching for clues that will help them break the mysterious Cryptex Code. Your sleuths must first navigate to the right piece of artwork, then detect the correct answer within each piece.

The climax occurs when a team finally gets to open the chest itself. This grand opening can take place within the museum, at a nearby restaurant, or at your meeting. You supply the treasure, we’ll supply the excitement.

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Group size

12 - 100

Time needed

3 hours

Space requirements

An art museum in your area.

“I want to thank you and Kevin for all of your efforts with the scavenger hunt at the museum. Everyone loved it and had a great time! Kevin and his staff were great and they did a great job of having it last for three hours. I will definitely keep you in mind for future meetings!”

imgres-2 A.D. – TMP Worldwide

“The event went great. Everyone remarked on how fun and different DaVinci’s Adventure was. We really had a great time! Chris did a really good job in facilitating the event. Now everyone is asking me what we are going to do next! Thanks for all your help. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

 J.T. – High Q Foundation/MRSSI
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