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By: Samantha McDuffee|August 27, 2013| Save This Idea


Build team pride and keep everyone informed.

There are many ways to help you team bond, but the most basic aspects of team building are often overlooked. As a manager, it is important to discuss issues with your team members; however, you also need to celebrate your group’s commitment, vision, and achievements on a regular basis.  To create a solid foundation, follow these tips for building a strong team.

tips for building a strong team - team spirit

Issues and challenges that you  face along the way to achieving your goals should not completely overshadow your teams efforts and accomplishments toward them. If they do, your team will quickly become demotivated and you risk losing their focus (and even your own) on those goals.

tips for building a strong sales team

#1: Create a motto, song, banner, logo, name, etc… and be sure to recognize everyone’s work and accomplishments. It’s not a coincidence that sports teams use these tactics.

“A national representative sample of 1,500 employees was surveyed, which revealed that although there are many factors that impact employee engagement, there are three key drivers:

  • Relationship with immediate supervisor
  • Belief in senior leadership
  • Pride in working for the company”

The study goes on to say:

“By working with employees to create a clear career path and set goals with a potential for growth, a manager can create positive esteem within each team member. By showing them that they are valued and have responsibility, and then to recognize and reward them for a job well done, a manager can create an ‘involved employee.’ It is then much easier to turn that sense of involvement into enthusiasm and a sense of pride in ownership that creates the highest levels of engagement with employees.”

#2 This should be part of a greater effort to keep everyone informed through regular emails, calls, or meetings. Information will assure your team that progress is being made, even if through small steps. Keep track of the work being done by creating a timeline for key objectives.

To get more tips for building a stronger team, check out this team building guide.

What strategies are you using to build a strong team?


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